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    Gary I told u wrong on boat being registered in ky, thats my bass boat registered in ky and I was thinking about licensing it in florida this year like my airboat , since I forgot to reregister it before I came down and since its a 1988 then I’m going to look into the antique status now. Sorry...
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    Ya, What u said is kind of what I thought.
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    It is registered in ky but I forgot to renew before coming down and also we have to pay tax every year in ky whether we renew or not, but florida only charges tax when you transfer into ur name.
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    I think your talking automobile for best I recall Insurance isn’t required on a boat.
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    Thanks for that info
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    Lot of good info and thanks.
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    Boat is 2014, sorry
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    I bought the boat in florida a few years ago and always renewed but this is first time I remember getting paperwork giving me a different price depending on date I register. Its a 2003 so the Antique deal other fellow stated won’t work yet. The confusion is if boat has trailer then boat must be...
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    I called to renew my registration on my Airboat today at Okeechobee and ask lady why there was two different amount depending on when I renewed. I ask her what happens if I decide to not renew for a couple years, she said I would have to pay for the teo years I didn’t use it and then for the new...
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    470 angle valve continental

    Could someone tell me on this engine if it is normal to have a very light slack movement when you turn the end of the crank by hand . It will have no slake in one direction but I can feel a slight no pressure movement when I try to move the crank the other direction. doesn't matter which way...
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    Could someone give me an update on GMAC for I have been up north working and haven't had time till now to get on the site to see what is going on but have been concerned about how he is doing for he is a super great individual who I highly respect and last I read was he was out of the hospital...
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    aluminum brush guard

    I have a hamatt boat(may be misspelled) that I would like to put a brush guard on but don't have experience to build one so wondered if anyone had one that might fit that wouldn't hit the pocketbook too hard like the manufactures.
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    Anyone know where I can buy 3 inch Delrin rod near Okeechobee, Fl
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    My friend and I took my airboat out yesterday on Okeechobee and were going to run some of the trails we normally ran but after running a couple we started up another and suddenly the water got ankle deep and then looked like it was going to be grass only so I backed out of it and let it stop to...
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    Gear Box or Not

    I have a wide body 12 foot or so fiberglass boat that has a new rigging with a new 305 chevy small block that is stock and has poly on the bottom. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it for it is a second boat but I would like it to go some on dry if necessary so I don't have to worry about...
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    Okeechobee Video

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    Serial #location fiberglass boats

    On fiberglass boats is serial# usually on a plate or stamped into hull and where should I look for it. I have an older fiberglass boat but can't find a serial number.
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    Breather tube

    My boat sets all summer under a canopy and when I got it out this fall I went over it real good(i thought) and took it to the lake. Run it about three miles and then idled down for a short distance and looked back and the engine was smoking out the exhaust like a worn out engine, although this...
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    I was looking at the post of the southern women and Airboats and what got my OLD MAN attention was the post with the Turbine engine in an Airboat. One guy made request for information about it but never got any answers or either I missed it and I too wanted to know about it so I thought I would...