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    Cooling shroud

    Who sells cooling shrouds for an 0540? Preferably an aluminum one
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    pro charged a/c boats

    wondering if anyone can tell me how strong these setups are? I have a heavy 14x7'6 boat with an 0540 and was considering pro-charging mine but am considering going c/m and gearbox instead. thanks
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    Drag racing boat lengths

    Not sure where to post this.......Curious how much more Hp it would take to gain about 2boat lengths in a drag race? Same boat different power plant, Me and a friend raced and he is building another engine. Wondering if I’d have a shot still.
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    A/C power boats...

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    76" NGQ RPM

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    76" NGQ RPM

    I currently turn the prop 2600 wide open on the water. I like the cruise rpm and seem to be able to do everything I need, but was curious on wether or not the extra 100-150 rpm would give any more push. Thanks for the input
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    Hard to start in Cold weather (30*)

    Anyone have any cold morning starting advice? I have a pacemaker on my 0540. When starting in the morning it takes quite a few tries before it will fire and continue running. I was told to pump the pedal slow a few times, but that didn't help this past weekend. It seems to me like it acts...
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    ma5 carb lean out cable

    How do y'all setup your cable where it attaches to the carb. I threw mine together quickly and am able to kill the engine with it but cannot push it back to rich to restart. I have to reach through the cage and move the arm by hand. Or is there a cable that I can buy from one of the main...