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  1. Bad2Bone

    Are you looking for me?

    Are you looking for me? I'm on the back porch. Tonight I'm going to the lake to get a bite to eat and play Peek-a-Boo. Maybe we'll run into eachother. Be careful, there's a lot of people shining lights in your eyes! Be safe. :florida:
  2. Bad2Bone

    Setting Tree Stands Last Week

    Only in Florida. Using natural cover scent and raising alligator and buck fever! h3BsLA56Ulk
  3. Bad2Bone

    Trail Ride

  4. Bad2Bone

    Alligator Hunting With a Drone

    Would it be legal to use a drone to position your treble hook or bait????? :florida:
  5. Bad2Bone

    I keep getting richer,but I can't get my picture

    I keep getting richer, but I can't get my picture, on the cover of the Rolling Marsh Rider Congratulations Wayne. Does Diamonback sell ALL of those accessories? Because there's one that caught my eye that I'd really like to have on my boat! :florida:
  6. Bad2Bone

    KRVSA Monthly Meeting

    Just wanted to check on the date and location of the meeting this month :florida:
  7. Okeechobee Hotdogs

    Okeechobee Hotdogs

  8. Missouri


  9. Wild Bobcat in Natural Habitat

    Wild Bobcat in Natural Habitat

  10. Peace River

    Peace River

  11. Python Skin Bill

    Python Skin Bill

  12. Bad2Bone

    Need a Licensed Building Contractor

    Looking for someone to convert a carport into an office with bathroom in Oxford, Florida. Thanks, in advance.
  13. Bad2Bone

    The King of the Silver Kings!!

    Big Daddy in The Pass today.
  14. Bad2Bone

    KRVSA on the Outdoor Channel

    Look for KRVSA on January 7th @ 11:30 pm and again on January 8th @ 10:30am on Dead Down Wind's American Archer with Tom Nelson "August Opportunities" Our son, Captain Eddie guides on the show sporting a KRVSA shirt.
  15. RAID  Kills 'em Dead

    RAID Kills 'em Dead

    Spraying for bugs at t.he hunt camp
  16. Bad2Bone

    Duck Blind Material

    Looking for duck blind netting material to cover airboat.Central Florida area. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :florida:
  17. Dyess Ditch - Lakeport

    Dyess Ditch - Lakeport

    May 15, 2011
  18. Bad2Bone

    Breaking News!!

    All convenience stores, mini marts and gas stations will be closed this week due to a Death in the Family.... God Bless our Troops :old_glory:
  19. Bad2Bone

    Stolen Airboat on Kissimmee Chain

    Twas the month before Christmas, All through the Kissimmee Chain, People were launching their airboats again. Adding their Aeroshell, As Junior would tell, Raising their flags, high up in the air, With great hopes, that there would be water out there. The air boaters were nestled all snug in...
  20. Peek a Boo Game - We Win!!

    Peek a Boo Game - We Win!!

    We shot this one in the Kissimmee River, and it already had a Muzzy Predator crossbow bolt (arrow) in it. It had a white half moon nock. We got him up to the boat and threatened him with the bang stick, but he didn't tell who shot him first, so we shot him.