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  1. jrlyles

    Benefit For Terry "CRITTER" Update

    We will be having a meeting sat.sep.22 at loughmans to go over the plans for the benefit.we hope to have a good turnout.Also I talked to Hughie Burns and he is excited to play a gig at loughmans and if you havent heard him play before you will really enjoy his show.not only does he do Country...
  2. jrlyles

    Wounded warrior project Kindness

    How about a big ol shout out to THE PARTY SHOP in okeechobee fl.Steve and his wife just DONATED a bounce house for this event sat. Its great to see people step up and help out our true heroes.Next the IBEW local 1066 in Daytona beach is sponsoring all the trophy classes.the funds were donated...
  3. jrlyles

    Prayers for Hughie Burns wife Debbie

    I know alot of you people know of or Know Hughie burns the musician from west palm beach,he had the Tigers Paw lounge for a while and has played music all over for years.Well his wife Debbie is in the care of Hospice in west palm,and we all know what that means.She has cervical cancer.Several of...
  4. jrlyles


    Yobee has the last florida cracker boat up and running again and it sure is sweet,A big thanks to Steve at Warrior Aircraft he put together a really nice 520 cont. engine that im sure will be around for a long time.The boat ran great and still looks great.OL Dusty will be proud.Had a great day...
  5. jrlyles

    Airboat races Buggy show at MudMuckers Park

    I got a call from one of the partners at Mudmuckers in Bunnell,He is interested in having airboat races on site any help,interest or opinions would be greatly appreciated.Also airboat and Buggy shows.they are wanting to stay atv friendly but also can accomodate buggy's and night riding due to...
  6. jrlyles

    West Palm Airboat and Buggy Show

    First I would like to Thank the VOLUSIA COUNTY SPORTSMAN CONSERVATION CLUBS Members who took there time off from life and drove a couple hundred miles each way to help there club do the cooking for the Palm Beach Show.It Was alot of work to say the least.And yall did a Great job.Next I have to...
  7. jrlyles

    Volusia county club meeting sat jan 21 at loughmans

    Our club will meet at loughmans at 11:30 the 21 .We need to get a head count for the palm beach show.thanks JR
  8. jrlyles

    Sniper is doing some great leatherwork

    I had sniper make me up some wallets and a belt made outa gator hide.Man they are nice.After seeing the one he made Bobby at the calender shoot i knew i had to have one.ill try and post some pictures on here.I gave one to darryl as a christmas gift and he loved it.I have been trying to post...
  9. jrlyles

    Gator shoot-out Turkey shoot

    The volusia county club along with loughmans will be holding a turkey shoot during the day.everyone is welcome to test youre skills.Again Dick and Darlene will be running the show for us and they do a awesome job.So if you think you are a crack shot come on out and shoot against our secret...
  10. jrlyles

    Concealed weapons course in Deland

    The course will be taught at the fairgrounds at the gun show,No need to pre-register.show starts at 9:00 am i guess the class will start shortly after.it is 2.5 hr class then they take you to shoot.I hope alot of our club members can come and participate.
  11. jrlyles


    WISHING ALL my S.A friend a very merry CHRISTMAS,Ilove this time of year but this one is starting to take a turn for the worse tonight.My Dog RASCAL wont eat,he had a stroke and it dont look good.Not trying to be to personal but dang hes been a good friend and companion.I know hes had a good...
  12. jrlyles

    Volusia County sportsmans club year end update

    First i would like to thank the members and our surrounding club members for making our first full year a big success.we started off with a river cleanup round loughmans,then a river bank cleanup around mrs Aldermans.We have had several campouts and met alot of new friends.Our club also put...
  13. jrlyles


    TERRY aka CRITTER will be having surgery monday.the doctors have found Cancer in his colon.If you would please keep him in youre prayers along with his family.They are great people and have become very good friends and they do so much for our club.I know they would really appreciate it. JR
  14. jrlyles

    Thanks for a great time at the turkey shoot

    First i would like to thank loughmans for all the support they gave for the shoot,the buffet and facilities were great.Next Dickie,Darlene,John and Ted what can i say?IT would not have happened without yall and ALL the help you gave.the Volusia county club especially Terry a.k.a CRITTER thanks...
  15. jrlyles

    anybody have any 70 inch blades for a powershift

    my cousin had a shell or something go threw a 70 inch whirlwind prop,anybody have any blades for sell or a woody for a 200 hp duck season is next week a hes gettin a little nutty on me. call scotty @561 719 3748
  16. jrlyles

    Thanksgiving turkey shoot at loughmans on nov 19

    The Volusia county club and loughmans will be having a turkey shoot the sat before thanksgiving on site at loughmans.there was talk of the seminole club,the christmas riverboat assoc and i believe the st johns club also showing interest.All the mentioned clubs and any others will be more than...
  17. jrlyles

    Need help with a sunk boat

    R.J boat is sunk at the bend on the st.johns river at the sharp bend right along s.r 46 at the new bridge.it is upside down in about 13 ft of water.seminole cnty s.o has located it and marked it.we need some dive gear to get down to it and see how we can roll it back upright and continue pulling...
  18. jrlyles

    Lost phone

    My phone is at the bottom of the canal at volusia bar boat ramp.I lost all numbers that were stored in the phone.I went and got a Boost phone,i pre paid it for a month 50$ and get unlimited cell and text.it cut my bill in half of what i was paying ATT.what a hassle to get the old # turned...
  19. jrlyles


    I got an E mail from robin fisher about this idea they have on putting the homeless out there,SO HERE WE GO......................HE says he is will ing to go on with the idea if the study off it suggests it will work out,meaning,emergency services,food,shelter.safety concerns etc.He says it is...
  20. jrlyles

    prayers sent for bcso#2 mother

    I got a call from jeff this morning,his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and a mass on her liver.So if yall could keep her in youre prayers he and his mom would greatly appreciate it.Lets all hope and PRAY everything goes well for her.Thanks JR