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    FLORID FISH AND GAME just called looking for airboats for sale. Anyone who may have a boat for sale may want to contact them ASAP.
  2. Scorpion Airboats

    New to airboats - Looking for a fisher

    Hello! This is Judy from Scorpion Airboats and we fish in the area you are talking about. Dallus Creek, Pepperfish. We are close to you so we offer a day trip fishing if you would like to feel what a sled is in salt water. We LOVE our boats and it fishes easy in these areas.
  3. Scorpion Airboats


    I was just on my FB and some of my AB people are talking of a burst dam in Lake Ventura. Anyone close to check it out and do we need to send help?
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    :proud: It’s been a while. We’ve had to keep our heads down and noses to the grind stone but it’s time to relax! PLZ! If you are a friend, own one of our boats, just would like a hand shake or hug. We are coming to KISSIMMEE SEPTEMBER 21, 22,&22 for my BD. Camp Mack Fri night. Pray for good...
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    Water in OverStreet

    :roll: Hey everyone! Lee & Judy from Scorpion. We are checking the water level in Over Street for next weekend! I’ve had a complete shoulder replacement and don’t want to ride dry because of pounding. We are good! New shop, new home and all new phone # BTW! SHOP- 386-208-8094 or my iPhone...
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    Hello to All and we miss everyone very much. We have been doing a 24-7 weeks getting the new shop built-getting moved into our new home (new to us) and building boats. They telephone company took 6 weeks getting our phone turned back on-it's hard to get used to living off cell phone but in our...
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    SO FAR this is limited info but Tyler Johns, 3a south, lost his arm in an freak airboat accident. This family has had their share of pain. Please fellow airboaters send this family your deepest prayers for a fast recovery. The Scorpion family is praying for you Tyler!
  8. Scorpion Airboats

    Okeechobee Airboat Accident?

    We had a man show up at our home at 4 am this morning asking to borrow money to get to family who had wrecked an airboat on the Okeechobee. NOW it feels "set up" because we have read nothing on here. Anyone heard anything or should we be REAL careful tonight? :old_glory:
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    HELLO EVERYONE!!! Things are doing good for us so we are making the trip to Broward Airboat Show with the new MARSH MAFIA AIRBOAT. She is the boat on the FRONT PAGE OF AIRBOATING MAGAZINE!!!!! (Her article is on page 40) THIS is a big deal to us-we work hard on our boats and come out lucky with...
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    @386-935-1388 Hello! If someone knows Rusty Redding can you pm us his phone number or have him call Lee and Judy or 386-208-8197
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    WE MORN THE LOSS OF ANOTHER AIRBOAT BROTHER. CRAWDAD AKA BOBBY WHITEHEAD HAS PASSED. Just heard from Arthur Ayers Jr. (thank you-we adore you guys) He said Bobby passed at about 3 am this morning. He was in the 3 A South Everglades-We have spent many hours at his camp. He was the unofficial...
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    GTO fishing tournement

    THANK YOU GTO OR THE GREAT FISHING TOURNEMENT! We met lots of new people-GTO goes first class each year. It was REALLY rough water to navigate (we were happy we had a decked over) but everyone left with a a wonderful fish dinner and our son Joe Barbera, and grandson Justin left with 2nd in...
  13. close up-no gear box nor belt drive

    close up-no gear box nor belt drive

    This is our first build on a CMB WITHOUT a gear box or belt drive. It runs the hill fine with passengers.
  14. DD Southern Stinger

    DD Southern Stinger

    UP coming video!
  15. Direct Drive Southern Stinger

    Direct Drive Southern Stinger

    Working on a video! We are very happy to see everything take shape and run like it does.
  16. Scorpion Airboats

    Airboat Afrika

    This is what Christian Goersh gets for hanging out with us! Redneck ingenuity! Afroineunity in it's finest! http://youtu.be/gKzCZCKoCK0 We did this years ago when we ran out of gas with our trucks! LOL!
  17. Scorpion Airboats

    Retired Captain Ken Kitchell

    We have lost another Brother of Airboating. These were (Ken Kitchell and Horace Tucker) two of the really old names of the Camps in 3A South. They brought in EVERYTHING by their boats for the Everglades Hilton in 1972. We have many many happy memories off great fun on an airboat. Kitchell was...
  18. Scorpion Airboats

    3A South

    We just heard they closed the grass in 3A south. ANYONE know for how long? When we called we were told one airboater left a note on his truck that he was doing repairs on his camp. Is this a legit excuse? :old_glory:
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    HA! OMG This was great.! I hope I can post it correctly-there are a lot of people who will get a real kick out of seeing this one. My son facebooked this to us last night. Many know my husband, Lee Hancock, is a 4 time world winner of Swamp Buggy racing. Lenard was one of his dearest friends...
  20. Scorpion Airboats


    Got your attention? WE will be at Grassy Island with Airboating Magazine on Saturday, July 6. We want to put a video together of a Harlem Shake-4th of July attire-RED WHITE AND BLUE. We will be passing out Jell-O Shots-I.D. WILL BE REQUIRED OF COURSE! But bring your favorite SHAKE dance moves...