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  1. BluByU2

    Lost an airboater

    I just read this on Facebook, and I have no way to confirm this information. I read where "Camo Ken" passed away. Has anyone else heard this tragic news? If it is true, he will be sorely missed by all airboaters, and I pray God bring comfort to his family, and dear friends. May he rest in...
  2. BluByU2

    Wal Mart crossed the line.

    To Hell with Walmart because there are other retailers who are willing to take your money, and sell you an AR, or any other semi auto. :cheers: Besides your usual family owned gun shops you have Rural King whose prices are reasonable.
  3. BluByU2

    They are after our ammo..Sign Petition Please (UPDATE)

    Done. :thumbleft: :old_glory:
  4. BluByU2

    Passing of a fellow airboater

    I just received information this morning of the passing of Tommy Fales. Tommy used to own Bayou Airboats in Land O Lakes, Florida, just north of Tampa. He was also president of the West Coast Airboat Association, and a really nice guy. I will miss him, and our thoughts, and prayers go out to...
  5. BluByU2

    New Hull Ordered

    Well, I just made a deposit on a new hull today...a Predator 14'4" wide track. Now all I have to do is wait about a month or so for Bobby Jr. to finish the two boats ahead of mine. These hulls appear to be made well, and they are attractive so I hope I will be happy with the way it performs...
  6. BluByU2

    Q blade whistle

    OK...I've never experienced this before so let me know if this is normal. I've run wood paddle props, Ivo-prop (when I was young, and dumb) :oops: , the NGH (2 blade), and now the 2 blade "Q" prop (74"). This thing whistles, and I've never heard this before, and it's pretty loud. Naturally...
  7. BluByU2

    Hull builders

    I was wondering if anyone has compiled a list of all of the airboat hull manufacturers along with their contact information? Southern Airboat would be an awesome place for shoppers to come, and peruse the different hulls available on the market today. The "Airboat Directory" would be a good...
  8. BluByU2

    Guns & Ammo editor steps down after gun rights column stirs

    My feelings are that we should never, ever compromise on our RIGHTS...period! I agree that also includes our First Amendment, but when you're employed as a gun writer as Metcalf, then you're also bound by company policy which may dictate that you cannot say anything in their publication which...
  9. BluByU2

    My first video

    I hope this comes out OK because it sure was a trick for me to get it done. It's a trip from the Swimming Hole through parts of Potts, and into Hernando, then back to the Swimming Hole. A little over 40 minutes. It's not as clear as it is on my storage device...
  10. BluByU2

    2nd amendent, important!!

    I saw that, and it's despicable that our teachers are pushing this lie! I would be at the school in a heart beat, and hand them a copy of our Bill of Rights, and demand they teach the truth. I would also demand a copy of the curriculum being taught so I could monitor what they are trying to...
  11. BluByU2

    NGH vs Q

    Has anyone actually done a comparison of the two different blades on the same rig to see if there is much of a difference in actual thrust, and performance? I'm currently running a two blade 74" NGH, and it does OK, but I don't believe it pushes the same as the old 76" wood paddle I had on a...
  12. BluByU2

    Unity ride

    We just got back from Okeechobee, and the FAA Unity weekend ride (our first), and I just wanted to let everyone there know we had a great time. Everyone we met was friendly, and my wife and I had a good time running an area we have never been before, and we just wanted to say thanks to all who...
  13. BluByU2

    FAA Unity Weekend.

    I just made reservations at the Holiday Inn Express, and learned there is only one room left for the weekend at that motel. I'm looking forward to going since I've never ridden that area before. I just hope we don't have any extreme bad weather (hurricanes). I can sure use some good quality...
  14. BluByU2

    carb rain cover

    Does anyone know who makes, and sells a nice looking rain cover to fit a 14" K&N air filter mounted on a Caddy? I may have to change the filter if one that size doesn't exist.
  15. BluByU2


    Everyone who owns firearms, or hunts needs to join the N.R.A. If you don't care for the N.R.A., then there are other organizations who are fighting for your Second Amendment rights...JOIN one of them! They are actively fighting everyday in the courts, and in politics. There is something wrong...
  16. BluByU2

    No birthdays today?

    It's mine! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.... :cheers: Although at my age, I can't put that many candles on the cake or all the icing will melt.
  17. BluByU2

    Tides going out in Hernando

    Just kidding about the tide, but the water level sure is dropping pretty fast. We rode there today, and it was a beautiful day for a ride, but I can't believe how much the water has dropped in the last two weeks. We also stopped by the "swimming hole" to have lunch, and stretch our legs a...
  18. BluByU2

    Proud father's home raid over facebook photo of his son

    This action by the police should never have happened the way it did. Since he was not home at the time, his wife called him on the phone, and he in turn called his attorney. The police were refused entry by the wife, and I'm happy they were not allowed in the house without a warrant. I think...
  19. BluByU2

    Rabbi and IRS

    The Internal Revenue sends their auditor (a nasty little man) to audit a synagogue. The auditor is doing all the checks, and then turns to the Rabbi and says, "I noticed that you buy a lot of candles." "Yes," answered the Rabbi. "Well, Rabbi, what do you do with the candle...
  20. BluByU2

    Letter from the White House

    I just received this letter in response to my signed petition against the assault weapons ban. Dear Allen: Thank you for taking the time to write. I have heard from many Americans regarding firearms policy and gun violence in our Nation, and I appreciate your perspective. From Aurora to...