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  1. Cane


  2. swampsquatch09


    Those of you that run flex pipe or hard pipe exhaust on your 4 banger what size are you running 2.5 or 3" I think 3" has a deeper sound to it is that all that differs? Any perfornance input?
  3. swampsquatch09

    Primer line plug

    Is there a special plug needed to plug the primer line holes on the jugs. :?:
  4. swampsquatch09

    Steel shot alternatves

    Any duck hunters out there use an alternative to steel shot for older shotguns? Iv got a Winchester model 12 and a Remington model 11 that I want to use this year but haven't because I don't want to ruin the barrel. Any suggestions on ammo
  5. swampsquatch09

    Lycoming exhaust studs

    Had 2 bugger up on me has anyone ever used regular bolts and lock washer in place of exhaust studs, I'm thinkin drilling a hole to safety wire in the bolt head any thoughts?
  6. swampsquatch09

    Rear mount 320 narrow deck

    Has anyone tryed to make a rear mount that used the starter boss for support? I dont like the way the narrow deck bolts to the case using the case bolts. I have a bracket on my Wide Deck engine for an automotive starter, it mounts the same way on a narrow deck. It wouldnt be hard to make a...
  7. swampsquatch09

    Poly on an older boat

    Slick bottom wears to fast I'm wanting to put poly on, the bottom for the most part is straight 1/8 aluminum a few shallow dips here and there does it have to be absolutely straight to work good? What's recomended hardware wise any advise appreciated
  8. swampsquatch09

    South East Texas Mud Run

    Thought I'd share this mud boats airboats mudflats marsh and beer Feb 14-16th http://www.setxmudrun.com
  9. swampsquatch09

    Continental e-255

    Wanting to know the pro's and con's of this engine, is it the same as a 470
  10. swampsquatch09

    Some good feedback

    Just a thank you to Mike aka twister69z, If you ever get a chance to talk aircraft engines with this guy, I promises you'll learn something new. He has helped me get some Bendix mag parts and recently put a Carb together from parts I had to make a complete spare, he said I wouldn't recognize it...
  11. swampsquatch09

    Ma-4SPA leaking

    Is it normal for the carb to leak when you shut off the engine, doesn't leak when running. It seems to leak around where the accelerator pump is where that bulb type plate is held on iv tightened with no change, it has new gaskets and isn't leaking where the carb half's split or out of the...
  12. swampsquatch09

    Exhaust Helicoil

    Found an exhaust stud on the bottom of the boat yesterday with the nut still on it, Lycoming 320 Has anyone ever had to use a helicoil because an exhaust stud striped or fell out? If so what size i know they are 5/16 but the depth to get im not sure of. Do I need the full length of the hole...
  13. swampsquatch09


    Boat wasn't running as strong yesterday but still ran alright, I decided to rotate plugs today it usually helps, decided to check fire and noticed my impulse isn't clicking every time just every other time when pulling the prop through by hand, somtimes once in 4 revolutions. also I get fire...
  14. swampsquatch09


    Is it possible for slick bottom to chip off and create a hook in the bottom of the boat? Or drag? My boat has a chunk missing in the front and it wants to ride on the nose it didn't before and there's nothing new as in dents just that chunk from the bottom front it was a thick coat. I stuck...
  15. swampsquatch09

    Lots of grass in my carb

    Because I blast my own path 8) so I got to tinkering and made an intake with a scoop k&n filter the center is an inverted cone.
  16. swampsquatch09

    Electrolysis from battery

    I understand that keeping your battery disconnected when your boat is parked will keep it from causing electrolysis through out the boat, and also keeping things like lights grounded back to the battery helps also. I use my key switch as main power to my console with an inline breaker. And I...
  17. swampsquatch09

    Swaping Bendix Gear on starter

    I'm posting this up to help anyone whos ever had or will have this problem with the bendix on their starter not matching up with the ring gear on the flywheel. On my go around I took it to an alternator/starter shop to swap the gears out because i didnt know how untill i got some time to tinker...
  18. swampsquatch09

    What hull is this

    really old no logos Fiberglass, had a 320 on it 12ft x7
  19. swampsquatch09

    Air filter scoop

    Anyone run an scoop type air filter on their updraft carb? I want to make one that sits below my seat what kind of piping has been used square or round? Anyone got some pics of their setup how do ya like it
  20. swampsquatch09

    Wall Hanger

    Had some old woods props that I cleaned up and re-polyed I just gata hang em now, I think the more rotton the better turnout. I Blew the red one up water testing the boat for the first time when i finished it, funny thing is I was going to wait untill I got my new one in but pops assured me it...