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  1. Wild Bill

    Electric mini,

    Couldn't resist! [youtube-video]https://youtu.be/gGryRg8DeW8[/youtube-video] :thumbleft:
  2. Wild Bill

    '73 Caddy 500 parts

    Not for a boat but need your advice. Going into a GMC motorhome, want to run regular gas. 1973 with soap bars and small chamber heads. Was planning to run original Pistons, good idea? Look great cyl to wall clearance looks fine, one hole had a broken ring but no scoring so must have happened...
  3. Holley 300 cfm 2bbl

    Holley 300 cfm 2bbl

    Lol! It works and all I need!
  4. Wild Bill

    4.3 wood chipper

    I know it's not an airboat but, picked op a pto wood chipper. Don't want to buy a tractor. Picked up a 2001 4.3 and plan to mount both on a trailer. Since engine turns opposite direction to pto, is the harmonic balancer strong enough to pull 40-50 hp off of otherwise I need to run a jack shaft...
  5. Holset turbo

    Holset turbo

    Just another look, Measured turbines just to be sure what I have, should spool great!
  6. Holset HX38G

    Holset HX38G

    New turbo for my Continental
  7. Wild Bill

    Back to my Continentals!

    Well finally got back to the boxes of parts and started sorting stuff out. The O470 is going to end up with 3 chrome cylinders and 3 steel ones by the looks of it. The chrome cylinders are beautiful and 3 of my steel cylinders are beautiful. The other steel ones would work but have some minor...
  8. Wild Bill

    Internal Engine Coatings

    Research, Surfing the net.. Learning, filling my head with idea's and questions.. Projects coming together :toothy7: So, just wondering if any of you admit to using internal engine coatings for friction reduction, heat reflection, corrosion resistance, oil shedding and whatever else they have...
  9. Wild Bill

    Cheapskate electronic ignition, maby FI

    So no mags with the engines I bought and I'll be dammed if I buy 4 mags. I put ford EDIS on my Porsche SBC and I was thinking even if just ignition I could set it up for my 26 or so degrees. I'm sure one pickup will fire 2 modules if I need to run 2 modules, figured running a 36-1 plate off the...
  10. Wild Bill

    470 and a 520 conversion

    I found a couple Continental O470 cores up here for $1500 ea or $2500 for the pair. What else would I need to complete the package and about how much $ involved? I don't have any particulars yet regarding condition yet other than one is a straight valve and the other is an angle valve. Well I...
  11. Wild Bill

    4.2 L v6 Ford

    Not even thinking about it but I was doing work on one today and I looked at the tiny block and aluminum heads and pan and goggled weight and they are like 300 Lbs. Most of them we have run centrifugal fans max 3400 RPM for thousands of hours. Might be a decent gearbox engine or what 120 hp dd?
  12. Wild Bill

    Hey! 454/489 BBC DD?

    So like I said I wanted something smaller seeing that my hull has a wicked hook so it's going to be a 13 to 14 x 8 BBC 489 direct drive with peanut ports and whatever cam. I have all the parts sitting here other than the rotating assy and cam. Scat kit cast crank, I beam rods and forged pistons...
  13. Wild Bill

    Quad/ATV Powerplant?

    Anybody ever use one? Just picked up a couple of atv's. Suzuki 400 and Kawasaki 650.Iin the garage getting them ready for the spring. Rear drive-shaft support looks pretty decent however if you even had to do a separate shaft drive prop shaft? Light, choice of displacement and manual, auto...
  14. Wild Bill

    Say 12 1/2' SBC, Caddy, AC?

    Thinking about parting out my boat. I was just thinking it might be more fun and safe with 2 boats on a more personal watercraft style experience (2-3 seater). Rich Andrews was great http://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=85&t=41163 So I was thinking 8' X 11 1/2' - 12 1/2'...
  15. Wild Bill

    Duramax 22' and Duck hunting Video

    Duck Hunt near Shoal Lake Manitoba Rippin' thru the weeds with a 22ft Air Boat.... powered by a Duramax Diesel Hunting looks a little slow to me but... aQXdH_ygIHg
  16. Wild Bill

    Smallest hull for my current powertrain?

    How small a hull can go with for my current power-train? It's a 489 BBC with a 2.68 Rotator and 3 blade Superwide with Powershift hub makes it 83" diameter. For the difference in weight I don't really want to go small block and have to build powertrain new however with all the dents in the hull...
  17. Wild Bill

    Saved a puppy!

    boat launch finally opened.. Day before yesterday 2 foot thick chunks of ice the size of barges floating down without a gap between and yesterday the locks came off the gate and on the boats went! A lady was playing with her dogs and the baby Black Lab got scared and swam into the mouth of a...
  18. Wild Bill

    Mitsubishi Turbo 4G63

    So my boys and I have started the latest project and are finding these little 4 cyl's quite amazing.. I know getting 450 HP out of a 2L street car is easier than expecting that out of the same engine for an airboat however that is the target level we have in mind for this car project. My...
  19. Wild Bill

    Airobats with cabs and/or windshields

    Posted this on the Alaska section but probably won't get too much action there soo... Starting to think about my next hull and it would be great to see some pictures of cold climate boats that have cabs or a windshield. I don't know if I will do a dual driver station or not as I do like the...
  20. Wild Bill

    Airboats with Windshields and Cabs

    starting to think about my next hull and it would be great to see some pictures of cold climate boats that have cabs or a windshield. I don't know if I will do a dual driver station or not as I do like the visibility of being up high however at least windshield near the front for passengers and...