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    Continental 0470 oil pan detail(broken dip stick)

    Just broke the dip stick on a Continental 0470. Luckily I have already bought a aluminum oil pan with a sight tube set up and now get to install. I briefly looked through a pdf(digital file) file someone has posted on here with a break down of the 0470 motor parts, but could not find a detail...
  2. Papa Lovett, Don Gish, & George O'Brian with stringers

    Papa Lovett, Don Gish, & George O'Brian with stringers

    This photo was taken the same weekend as the other photo's with the stringers of fish. They caught better than a thousand pan fish that weekend and ate fish for weeks. 1960's
  3. Good days catch

    Good days catch

    This is a 1975 photo of a day of rattle trapping on Kissimee. Lost 2 big ones at the boat...may have been the record weight for fish limit had we put 'em in.
  4. my wife & sons

    my wife & sons

    Here is my family. Beautiful wife and two sons that love to airboat!
  5. me and my boys

    me and my boys

    Here is me with my two sons on their second trip on the airboat.
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    electric fuel pump or mechanical or both?

    Recently bought a airboat with a dual mag 470gpu power plant. It came with an electric fuel pump. I read a post recently that someone used the electric fuel pump to prime and start the motor then switched over to mechanical fuel pump. Anyone run this type of set up? Seems like having two pumps...
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    Airboat Seat Harness?

    Anyone use a seat harness or other restraint? Just got our first airboat and having a blast. Haven't taken the kids(5 yrs old) in the boat yet, getting some rudder time before taking them, but they're ready to ride. I was thinking about a quick release harness system to help keep them in...
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    Who has some sweet pics of the swamp?

    Here is the Ocala area on a rainy day.
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    Creeks Too Narrow to Navigate?

    I've just bought my first airboat and am wondering if some of the creeks in our area are too narrow to navigate without damaging the CF prop(68" 3 blade WW super snapper). The creeks, which are actually mosquito ditches, are around 12-15 feet wide with mangroves on the banks hanging over the...
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    Which polymer is the toughest and slickest?

    Just getting ready to put some polymer on a glass hull and can't decide which color poly to use. In the last thread I placed on SA some suggested the blue because it is slick and tough. I was told the dark grey is harder than the black. Black seems to be most prevelent, so it must be good. We're...
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    Polymer Installer in N. Brevard/Volusia

    Looking for the best polymer installer in the North Brevard/Volusia County area to attach polymer on a 14' Freedom Craft fiberglass hull. Any suggestions on the thickness would be helpful, too. We'll be running in marine areas with some oysters and shell bottom. I'm leaning toward 5/16" or 3/8"...