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  1. sawgrassrunner

    Has anyone used Southern Life Taxidermy?

    We’ve run into an issue with Southern Life Taxidermy we brought an 8 PT Alabama deer skin to him on 12/7/17 and when we called this week to ask hey it almost two year where’s the skin. He said I just got some from the tannery I’ll call ya back. He never did. Called today and he got pissed off...
  2. sawgrassrunner

    Sad news once again for 2A

    My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Jack and Aleta and their family at the Hilton in area 2A for the loss of their son Rob AKA Flipper. Flipper was in a fatal motorcycle wreck this past weekend in Pompano...
  3. sawgrassrunner

    Florida Panthers !!!

    For the first time ever, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge has captured photos of an uncollared Florida panther moving her kittens to a new den. These majestic cats are an endangered species with an estimated population of 100-160. Visit http:www.fws.gov/floridapanther/ to learn more!