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  1. apache220


    Just got the news Terrys scans came back,THEY WERE CLEAR :cheers: .Terry had a big weight lifted off his shoulders today. I want to thank everyone who came to his benefit and helped out, now he can start moving foward.good job buddy! way to kick that cancers a$$!!!!!!!! :salute:
  2. apache220


    Thanks to every one who came to terrys benefit we had a good time but it was a great day he also became a GRANDPA YESTERDAY TO A 9LB 7OZ BABY BOY :cheers: :cheers: what a way to make a great day congrats again brother!!!
  3. apache220

    meeting for terry critter benefit

    VCSCA will be having a last minute meeting on wednesday oct 10th at loughmans around 7pm for anyone who wants to attend to go over all the plans for the benefit for terry critter.All are welcome to attend if anybody has anything else they would like to donate PM me.We apreciate all the support...
  4. apache220

    o-300 aircraft generator

    does any one know where i can get a generator rebuit near central florida thanks
  5. apache220

    hardest thing ive ever had to do

    first off i wanted to thank every one that prayed for my family.My family had to disconnect my father in law off life support today he passed peacefully with family around,but then i had to tell my 6 year old daughter that her papa was no longer with us.Let me tell you that will make a grown man...
  6. apache220

    prayers needed

    please keep my father in law in your prayers.He was in a motorcycle accident in leesburg a few hours ago no other information as of yet.he has bleeding on the brain and had to have a tube installed to breath in the helicopter on the way to shands.he is a retired volusia county sheriff thanks for...
  7. apache220

    great weekend

    we had a great weekend at loughmans would like to thank ole rib bone lyles,critter and family,rj(AV8R040),and carmotor barge,and all others that attended. we had a camp out a good ole crawdad boil :thumbleft:a ride .and to top it off I have my riding partners back my wife and my daughter,since...
  8. apache220

    H series leading edge

    has anybody had any problems with the leading edge on a H series slide.mine has moved about 1/4 inch.I am not spinning it hard only turning it around 2900.I am currently waiting on sensenich to get back intouch with me but I was wondering if it was an isoloated problem or are there others doing...
  9. apache220

    stringer replacement

    does anybody know who does stringer replacement around east orlando I have a 13 foot apache that has 2 bad stringers My boat thought it was the general lee but to my suprise it didnt hold up like the car LOL.. :violent1: now I have to fix them I have done alot of reading on it and could...
  10. parade_and_boat_289


    christmas eve ride
  11. apache220

    oil/air seperator for gpu

    does anybody know where I can find a seperator in orlando area.