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    geared 520 boat?

    There was a geared 520 boat forsale in the classifieds for awhile I believe in the cocoa/Mims area is it still around ? I believe it was a 14 foot jb single driver triple rear would like to know if it's still forsale
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    new years day test n tune at lochloosa?

    Is there gonna be a new years day test n tune at lochloosa ? If so the waters high and parking is gonna be a bitch! Its hard to park when the water is low lol
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    last minute ride at lochloosa/orange lake

    Decided on a last minute ride for sunday be at lochloosa ramp @10 am . If anybody gonna be out riding probably be to the big hill on orange lake by 11:30. If you see two for cylinder boat on top the hill stop by and lets ride!!
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    Any good riding around Baton rouge?

    Well its staring to look like im gonna be here awhile. Im from florida and fixin to go home for acouple day but thinking of bringing mt boat back with me. Is there any good riding? Would it be worth it to haul it 600 plus miles?
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    which ma 4-5 to run?

    Which 4-5 should I run on my 520 converted pe 90 ?
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    going for a ride lochloosa - orange lake on tuesday

    Been gone for five months and taking the family out for a ride tuesday. I know its a long shot since a lot work during the week but just throwing it out there if anybody else wants to meet up.
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    water is up in lochloosa-orange!!

    Rode both lakes yesterday, had a blast consodering the fact that we haven't been able to run alot of it because of low water. Rode every inch of right arm with no prob, but there is some bad black mud in some places. Didnt get stuck no where so if you know your boat will run it go on, we did.lol...
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    anybody wanna ride lochloosa - orange lake saturday?

    Gonna be the warmest day this week. Lets plan a ride!!
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    learning how to use fuel injection

    My new boat has fuel injection, is a gas hog and hard to start when hot. What secrets are do you guys have. Ran the river from sweetwater to the oakhead and back to sweetwater cruising two people at 1800-2000 rpms burnt @ 10 gal is that normal?
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    ft lauderdale house to rent

    Gonna be working in lauderdale for acouple of months does anybody know of a good place to rent?
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    power master starter JUNK!!

    Got a pe-90 520 conversion hi comp pistons lyco rods. Thought my batt was bad but ended up being the starter. Has anybody had better luck with a different brand?
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    my new boat got rearended

    :angry5: mad as hell right now :angry5: my buddy went down south to pick up my new boat and thirty min from my house and he got rear ended. Has anybody been through this and if it is covered under regular insurance? :violent1: :banghead:
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    schmidt airboats lycoming 0360 starter kit

    Looking to buy a starter kit for my sv 0360 . Heard schmidt airboat makes a nice one. No pics on there website. Does any body have one or had good luck with another brand?
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    0360 won't start

    Just got my boat back together. New starter , battery, cables . Checked grounds mutiple times. Even put cables to the starter and barely turns over even with plugs out. Outta beer and I have just about pulled all my hair out!!! :violent1:
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    need engine stand built near gville fl

    looking for somebody to build a engine stand for me near gville fl. o360 dyna focal mount
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    core bottom ride boat

    Fixing to put my sv 180 on a core bottom square nose. my question is ,will the core bottom hold up as good as the fiberglass with slick on it? i know slick is no kinda protection at all just wondering if i have to baby it more.
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    looking for hull near gainesville

    Hey guys looking for 12 foot fiberglass hull near or around gainesville fl. if anybody has or knows someone please let me know . thank you Ben
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    nitrous......wet or dry?

    wanting to spray alittle n2o to my sv 180 just want to know whats the differance between wet and dry?
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    stringer repair near gainesville fl

    Looking for someone near Gainesville to put stringers and new deck?
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    bowtie with razors???

    Can you and how do you all think a bowtie hub with whirlwind razors do on a 11.6 with a wide deck 0-360 180 hp do?