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  1. frank w.

    B.C.A.A poker run

    the bravard airboat club is having a poker run sat morning starting at 9 january 12 .come out and ride will be launching from sweetwater canal.
  2. frank w.

    4 cylinder crank identification # and specs

    I have a lycoming crank and was wondering if any body nows crank identification # and specs? what it came of and so on .It has 66871 ingraved on it. p27 and $C in the cast. On a tag i think it says 58571.1 :violent1:
  3. frank w.

    water in prop

    i was wondering if any body has and idea were there is a tread for it cant find it
  4. frank w.

    cocoa expo 11/07/09 race forms

  5. frank w.

    Waterthunder thanks

    dave i got my boat to the water last night for the first time and let me say o my god the power was just unreal going from a 220 to that there is no way to discribe it thank you my man for the boat of a life time what a product and thanks to airboat inc for a jam up job on the hull what a...
  6. frank w.

    hows the turkey season going

    anybody been turkey hunting went out Tuesday and got one
  7. frank w.

    what to do wht to do

    just got a ch3 whats a good fairly inexpensive motor to start with and what is a good size hull to start with i like small boats but i dont want to sink first time out ether been running 220 for a few year what wood be the difference in the too
  8. frank w.

    came with boat ?

    does anybody now what this is any body have any idea what this is i bought a 220 boat and this was the setup that was on it i switched to Holley and want to now witch would be better he said davis built the boat back in the day it sat for a few years
  9. frank w.

    welder ad

    does any body no whats up with my ad for the welder it starting to vanish first the picture now the ad did i do sometime wrong or should i have not of posted it on the site
  10. frank w.

    hay thunder

    there is a retired old man at my work. thats got lycoming 150 he says that he changed crank and put angle valve cylenders on it and had to shave pistons. i saw the boat run and it had plenty of nut . he said it 220 horse sound right if so what it werth ball park on beat up 10 goar hull. the...
  11. frank w.

    gpu filter

    does any body have a brake down of the filter took it apart and want to make sure i put it toghter right :?:
  12. frank w.

    any body going running tonight

    ill be out there putting around
  13. frank w.


    rainin here in palmbay
  14. frank w.

    painted my boat last weekend

  15. frank w.

    18 cylinder radial

    how heavy do you all think this weighs 1944 Pratt & Whitney 18 cylinder...
  16. frank w.

    three blade whirlwind

    just wanted to get apinion 68 three blade super snapper on a 220 on 12.6 3/4 deck any info would help or other is 72 stump puller witch better