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    IO-520 Broke valve guide come out exhaust onto driveway

    Be sure the ring configuration is correct on piston, Donnie will show/tell you.
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    Who sells these???

    I would go with a box that all switches could/would be inside to keep rain out of somewhat. Alumitech makes a few different styles.
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    Dick had a brother who I met at Dicks funeral, wonder if he is still around? Possibly Dicks wife, Jeanette? Or maybe son, Bobby.
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    Starting airboat

    Be sure boat is secured to trailer, not just on the front. That much HP, don't run very high RPM on trailer.
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    Absolute best material to build rigging and why? Go:

    If you have enough HP, go old school and use square tubing. Tough, easy to fabricate and powder coating takes to it well.
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    In need of someone that has airboat to borrow

    Wish you the best, but borrowing someone's airboat is a pretty tall order!
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    Blinker, for reference, what is the price of one sheet of 3/8", 4'x10' ? No shipping included. Thanks
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    Corvair Power?

    Spyders had turbos from factory.
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    The turbo weighs 40 lbs and will help you push 20 times more than it weighs. Besides that, they are cool.
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    River will be up

    "Go where no man has gone before"
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    Repair of a RH rotation Water Walker Stump Puller 3 blade prop?

    Andrew surely put a good final finish on them. I have two old signature series blades, took about an 8 inch long piece of maybe 4 inch pvc, cut it in half longwise, painted black and using hose clamps put blades in and tightened. Then took a piece of threaded rod thru center with a piece of...
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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Aircraft Cylinders

    Great read, learned a lot, Thanks
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    Looking for 100LL

    Which WaWa in Kissimmee sells 100 LL?
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    Question for those that attempted their first stringer replacement

    What type of wood do you plan to use for new stringers? This is important.
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    Lycoming rods in a Continental engine

    Bobby Hoffman used to do it, Mike Abernathy used to cut his rods, made a jig and lengthened them and welded them up. That boat of his was fast for its time. Of course, you better be and excellent welder and know your metals. Yes, JC knew a lot, one of the original innovators.
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    Newbee question about potential purchase

    Load it up and go for a test drive with owner driving. It's a heavy boat but with correct prop it may do what you are looking for. Saltwater- better be all stainless cage and rigging. As far as too much boat for you, not if you have someone give good training, go easy, don't drink and respect...
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    Searching for engine builder

    Be careful, any engine builder/machine shop can build you a 4-600 hp motor that will run great for a 10 second blast WFO. But it takes a very knowledgeable shop such as Waterthunder to build one that will stay together for prolonged high RPM blast.
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    Come on Folks....

    At 7:00 am this morning there were 4 registered users and 401 "Guests ". This has been a great forum for all of us airboaters, so please, if you are enjoying this....get registered. This is a family style forum, no porn, no serious threats or chest pounding, safe for the little ones. I don't do...
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    Thanks to Jurnigan engines

    I was need of a 90 degree tach reverser for my super charged Lycoming. Called around, after checking my old standbys, tried Jurnigan yesterday afternoon. They were very pleasant and helpful, had what I needed. Shipped out yesterday, came to my door in less than 24 hrs. Good folks to do business...
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    Compression w/ 16 lbs. boost ??

    My Supercharged 0540, 7.2 compression pistons. Question is what does the compression build UP to @ 16 lbs. boost? 3150 rpms if that matters. Thanks for any answers.