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  1. jchovernut

    Hovercraft on Lk Harney

    It’s that time of year again....the weekend before Sun-n-Fun, I host the Hoverclub of America Central FL Cruise. We’re on Lk Harney at Ft Lane park in Geneva again this weekend. Sat will be a cruise to downtown Sanford, then Sunday we’ll explore Puzzle Lake & the Econ. Come by for a look at...
  2. jchovernut

    Hovercraft at Ft Lane Park This Weekend

    I’m hosting a group of Hovercraft enthusiasts this weekend (7-8) at Ft Lane Park on Lk Harney. If you want to see some interesting Amphibious vessels, both home-built & manufactured, come on out for a look! We'll likely be gathered around the park more so in the afternoon after our morning...
  3. jchovernut

    St Johns No Wake

    With the water levels decreasing, the blanket ‘No Wake’ on the St Johns was rescinded 11/16. However, Seminole County enacted a ‘No Wake’ Executive Order on the St Johns from the East side of Lk Monroe to the South side of Lk Harney ‘for all to enjoy, & to protect property.’ I’m wondering if...
  4. jchovernut

    Central FL Hovercraft Cruise

    The annual Central FL Hovercraft Cruise, sponsored by the Hoverclub of America, is once again going on this weekend at Ft Lane Park. We will be on some organized cruises up & down the St Johns from Puzzle Lake to Sanford, but in between, we'll be playing around on Lake Harney near our base of...
  5. jchovernut

    gps jammers for sale

    I would advise against clicking that link!! From the member's join date: TODAY, & use of 'Engrish,' I'd highly suspect that's a MALWARE SITE!! The post has been reported. Surf at your own risk!
  6. jchovernut

    Hovercraft Cruise on St Johns Apr 2-3

    I'm hosting the Hoverclub of America's Central FL Cruise this weekend, Apr 2-3 at Ft Lane Park on Lake Harney. We're not too numerous, by any means, and I'm expecting only a half-dozen hovers to show up. Weather depending, we plan on cruising the river N to Sanford or Gators Riverside Saturday...
  7. jchovernut

    Alaska Hovercraft Issue before Supreme Court Today

    I'm a hovercrafter, & it burns me up when I'm arbitrarily banned from an area open to powerboat use. I operate quiet 4-cycle low-hp hovercraft that are barely perceptible noise-wise. I can't run on Lk Powell or Lk Mead while jet boats, PWCs, & enormous houseboats have free-reign...all because...
  8. jchovernut

    New Frog Recipe

    For the giggin' crowd.... Japanese Frogburgers ;)
  9. jchovernut

    SpaceX Launch from Loughman's

    Got some good launch pics from Loughman's last night. Heard a few of y'all motoring about out there. Anyone ever watch a launch from the walkbridge? Cheers, John
  10. jchovernut

    Show off your ride!! Lets see what your sliding around on..

    My 15' SEVTEC Fan-Tastic before rebuild. 4-place or 750lb payload, 26hp EFI Kohler V-Twin driving 24" MultiWing lift fan and 54" 4-blade PowerFin prop. 10.5" hover-height and 37mph top speed...0.8gph fuel burn at around 22mph cruise. And, a friend of mine's homebuilt SEVTEC Vanguard in...
  11. jchovernut

    Steering wheel on Airboat

    We use jet boat steering boxes on the larger hovercrafts. As the previous poster notes, it can be set up for quick-throw steering. We typically use plus/minus 45 degrees of rudder travel and the jet boat steering rig will do this easily. You can order it with a custom length push/pull sheaved...
  12. jchovernut

    Hand laying cage wire

    Have any airboaters tried fish net? We use them on hovercrafts all the time, from 10 footers all the way up to 26' twin-engine/twin-prop models. It's quite strong and it holds up really well to the elements and saltwater. It attaches easily using p-clips, tie-wraps, or just by lashing it with...
  13. jchovernut

    Moving to Orlando - Where to Ride?

    Ha! I don't wear a raincoat on my hovercraft! Spray is determined partially by the following: manufacturer/hull/skirt type, driver skill, craft weight. My hover operates on a relatively low cushion pressure, which results in lower velocity air escaping the bottom of the craft...entraining...
  14. jchovernut

    Running the boat in NM!!!!!

    Nice, I always wanted to run the 'Butte!' I used to live in Los Alamos and ran my hovercraft on the Rio Grande between Cochiti Lake and the bridge going to Los Alamos....the White Rock Canyon. I ran the Rio Grande for several years as a volunteer with the Albuquerque Police during the...