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    480 flywheel walking, gearbox thrust bearing ?

    Try grounding the negative battery lead directly to the starter.
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    God Bless America, y'all
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    Walt is a good, honest man. I wouldn't hesitate to do business him.
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    Prayers for my uncle

    I have and will.
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    Stringer replacement

    Thanks, Rick. I'll pass it on
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    Stringer replacement

    Hey ya'll. Anybody got a number for someone that can redo an old Apache hull? Brevard, Indian River, or St.Lucie counties. Thanks
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    The Good Lord has watched over me. That's for sure. I'm a sinner, first class, thank you God for your blessings and mercy through Jesus Christ.
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    East Marsh crash

    Hey yall. We had an airboater killed and one critically injured here in Indian River County Sunday afternoon. Head-on crash. Please send prayers.Slide safe and remember to go right.
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    GPU spin-on oil filter

    Good Afternoon SA, Anybody got a part number for a spin-on oil filter adapter for a GPU case? Thanks, Ed
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    Lake Kissimmee ride?

    Howdy folks, Anybody have info on a ride this week-end on Kissimee? Thanks, Ed
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    Aluminum hull refit

    Howdy folks, A buddy of mine inherited an aluminum hull w/ a 180 Lycoming. The boat runs great after a little work. Biggest problem now is leaky rivets, including some under the stringers.The boat has 1/4 poly. The question is is it worth fixing each rivet or maybe getting a new hull...
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    slipping ring gear

    Hey Guys, The ring gear on my 0-360 is slipping, it spins but doesn't turn the flywheel. . It's been peened a few times and looks like somebody shot with bird shot. Is replacement of the flyywheel and ring gear the best option? Thanks for your help. Ed
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    oil temp

    Happy New Year to All, 'Im running an Lycomming 0360. I had a friend put a new(used) oil cooler on it. After I got it back I ran it and the engine was hot . I noticed I my temp gauge was not working. I checked the sending unit in hot water and it reads accurately against a cooking thermometer...
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    Lean/rich settings for 180Lycoming

    Hey guys, I'm running a Lycoming 0360 with an MA 4-5 carb. What should I run the lean/rich lever at? Ive been told to run it full rich to keep the engine cool but also to lean it out to save fuel. Any comments are apreciated. Thanks, Ed
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    oil pressure

    howdy folks. got a question about a n o360 for yall. I noticed my oil pressure has gone from 40 at low rpm and 90 at high rpm to 80 at idle and peggin the dial at 2000. any ideas ? thanks.