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    Do you have any installers in Alaska?
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    New alaskan

    I am originally from Louisiana myself. I moved here about 38 years ago. What part of Alaska did you move to? I am in the Anchorage area.
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    Dual fuel tank, single gauge, DPDT Rocker

    Need some help wiring my On-Off-On 7 pin Rocker Switch. Running 2-25 Gal fuel tanks with a single fuel gauge. Thanks.
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    Wiring harness schematic SBC

    Anyone have a good Wiring harness schematic for a SBC with carburetor. My new 383 should be showing up in the next few weeks and can’t find a good schematic for it. Have a brand new harness already here.
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    Exhaust Manifold/Headers

    Repowering my airboat from a 350 crate motor to a 383/500hp engine. Want to put new headers on it. I see headers with 1 1/2” and 1 3/4” primary tubes. Which would be better? BTW, I use 3” collector on current setup.
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    Lycoming Parts in Alaska

    Running a Lycoming O-540 A1A5 engine on my airboat. In need of parts, i.e. 2 Cylinder Assy, 2 Base gaskets for jugs, 4 to 6 valve cover gaskets, 4 inter-cylinder baffles, and maybe a cowling. Anyone know where I can find these parts here in Alaska? Really need the 2 cylinder assy and base...
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    Lycoming O-540 Help

    I have a Lycoming O-540 A1A5 engine on my airboat. I have lots of overheating issues that are being worked on. But in the process I have lost 2 cylinders. So I guess my first question is where do most of you running aircraft engines get replacement cylinders and other parts. I also notice...