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    0-540 fuel injection intake

    I did. That particular engine actually liked the carb much better than the servo. Of course had to change fuel pumps, as well.
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    what motor is this

    Looks like an upside-down 0-540. Lol.
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    Lycoming Aircraft engine

    Quite the oil cooler!
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    Continental noise

    Wow. That's not good.
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    Continental noise

    That's some serious scoring on the side of that piston.
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    0540 exhaust....helicoil

    Thank you Slidin Gator. Yes, cylinder is mounted, so will just have to use my expansive list of cuss words. I will say, I have invented a few new ones while working on this boat, as none of the ones I knew previously were strong enough.
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    0540 exhaust....helicoil

    Thanks, John.
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    0540 exhaust....helicoil

    I run headers straight to flexexhaust pipe, and have one exhaust bolt that keeps falling out. Tried loctite, but no use. Guess I should helicoil it. Would rather not have to do the other 11, but is there any reason why it would be prudent?
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    Looking for pushrods

    Smith Brothers made me up a set. Great product, fast, and reasonable.
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    Deleted my thread. Wrong place for it.

    Will move to classifieds. Sorry.
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    Marvell ma 4-5 carb core.

    Thank you. Sent you a message. And thank you for all your help!
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    Marvell ma 4-5 carb core.

    I guess I will first have to see /ask what qualifies as a "core". Thank you for the examples!
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    Marvell ma 4-5 carb core.

    Long story short, I converted my AV 0-540 from injection to carb last year. A friend had a fresh re-built Marvell ma 4-5, and gave it to me to try. I need to replace that for him, but everywhere I look, they want a core deposit. I don't have a core, and am having no luck finding one, locally...
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    0435 Lycoming

    I would think maybe a prop manufacturer could answer that.
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    What if you built said boat? How do they come up with a valuation?
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    Corvair Power?

    Un-safe at any speed! 😀
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    Airboat slick coating

    I use scraps/left-overs of 1/2" plastic,(umhw?).
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    Considering my first airboat - some basic questions to get started

    The above is absolute truth. Every time I turn around, another "thing" needs attention.
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    Considering my first airboat - some basic questions to get started

    Eastward: what is that "roof" thing, a sun blocker?