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    We need to call Bill Graff at So Fl Water Management. The flyer says he wants to hear from anyone concerned about the low water levels. We need to flood his office with the complaints of very low water levels from Cypress to Kissimmee. His number is 407-858-6100 x3837. That will be my first call...
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    Milk Bus on Lake Kississimee

    Been in argument with people at camp mack (know it alls) they call the milk bus the school bus. And there proof is a map of lake with school bus instead of milk bus. NEED HELP tell me your story!!!!!!
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    Benefit for Lorne Hooker

    October 6, 2018 There will be a benefit for Lorne Hooker at Miles Point. Poker run, raffles,food and a lot more.If you don't have a boat there will be a pontoon boat bring people from State Park. If you have Questions contact Lamar Lancaster on facebook and to volunteer to help.
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    vinylester vs polyester

    Is vinylester worth the extra money
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    electric fuel pumps

    Which electric fuel pump are you using, looking for one that will flow gas thru with just mech fuel pump working and electric off.
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    Show Dog Lights

    Need a good head lite, see ad in hulls, rigging,cages .etc
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    Cow trapped in pavilion at miles point

    As of a hour ago calf trapped in fence at miles point,tried to get it out with no luck,gate was locked,don't know how long it has been in fence need to get in touch with person that owns calf, or someone to come and unlock gate.
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    gps for airboat

    What is best gps for airboat :rebel: :rebel:
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    Crackers headlight

    Just finished headlight what you think,100watt aircraft bulbpainted on back with 2000 degree flat black paint,mounted on hardhat with adjustable band,the bulb will swivel up and down, on/off toggle switch mounted on front of hat,15 ft of 14/2 wire with 10amp fuse and 50amp Gator clips.