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    Mold on seats

    Need advice on cleaning mold spots off my Buttracks seats. What works without hurting the material. TIA.🐸
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    Floating your boat

    For those that has been involved in refloating an airboat using inner tubes, what sizes example truck or car size, and qty of tubes it took to refloat it. I’m thinking about putting an emergency kit together just in case for me and acquaintances TIA.🤔👍🇺🇸
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    Airboat Rifle scabbards?rack

    I've searched but only couple hits come up, I want a rifle rack?scabbard on my airboat, Please post pics of what your using, I know Hamant makes a brkt but I don't care for it much. Thanx in advance.
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    Android MotionX-GPS

    MotionX-GPS gps says it’s for apple what is a good equal for android phones Thanx in advance
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    Lake Washington airboat jump

    Anyone know if the airboat jump at the dam on lake Washington is passable on the down side ??
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    Fitted airboat cover

    Used to be a place in Jupiter or Ft Pierce that made custom covers for airboats anyone have any contact info for them I would appreciate it.... and yes I’m aware tarps work just as good and cheaper..... Thanx
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    Where’s all the videos ???

    I was at the 2019 Freedom ride and thought I saw about 2000 airboats and at least 5000 people with phones in their hands taking pics/videos, but unless I’m more computer ignorant than I thought I’ve only seen I’ve only seen 2 or 3 on YouTube, what’s up with that I ask lol.... :proud:
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    Lake Kissimmee map/waypoints

    Does a map exist that shows for instance all the stops listed for Howl at the moon poker run/ride. I live in Melbourne and have never rode Kissimmee. Want to start coming to Kissimmee but don’t know where ramps are or places like milk bus, miles point etc. thanx in advance. :old_glory:
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    Changing pitch good and or bad

    Had boat built came with prop set at 26 degrees, later builder took 4 degrees out to 22, said this would change rpm from about 4800 to around 5300, I’m definitely not a top end go fast person, 99 % is low end torque go slow type rideing, concerning fuel consumption does this change increase or...
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    Outdoor Freedom gator hunt

    The Brevard County Airboat Association hosted the “Outdoor Freedom “ gator hunt this weekend with all four of our wounded warriors filling their tags. Just a small way in showing them how much we appreciate what they sacrificed for us and our Freedom.
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    Waterthunder serial number

    Can anyone please tell me where to find the serial number on a Waterthunder motor. Thanx in advance. :proud:
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    Mounting/holder for umbrella on airboat

    Mosley Cypress uploaded 2 pics to gallery can’t figure how to get them here, clamp probably needs rubber to prevent damage to rigging hope this helps.
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    Mounting/holder for umbrella on airboat

    For those that use the big picknic umbrellas for shade on your airboat how is it mounted, attached, to the boat pics would be appreciated, thanx
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    Where / how to attach pulling points on hull

    Seen boats pulling other stuck / broke boats, what would Be best way and location to install points to tie to for being pulled or pulling others, other than the rigging or cage seen bad things happen on rigging. Thanx
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    Mounting LED lights

    For those that have the little colored led light strips under your floor boards etc for night lights how did you mount them Screws or epoxy or what thanx.
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    Song “Livin Florida Country”

    Anyone know where to get a copy of the song by Jim Van Fleet, livin Florida Country” ? I tried iTunes no joy. It mentions Airboats the reason I’m asking here, Thanx
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    Extendable frog gig pole

    Anyone ever used one of the extendable frog gig poles? Do they stay extended during use or problem collapse, Thanx
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    Onboard GPS

    Read the previous thread on having a GPS onboard, most praised the Garmin 640 but its discontinued and thread kinda died. What is a good recommended replacement for the 640 ? Yes I know about Motion-x for your phone, yes I know you should just learn the route but when you only go to an area once...
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    Airboat trolling motors

    For those that use a trolling motor on your airboat do you use a tiller or foot control and what brand/ ft lbs. thanks
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    Frogging Chutes

    What diameter are MOST/best frog chutes, seen different sizes. Seems bigger would be easier to hit on the move.