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  1. JB550

    Home for sale

    I have a home I am considering selling on a main canal close to Sleepy Hollow in the Flying Eagle Preserve. My question is would this be a good forum to advertise? This is an excellent home with large Dock and Boat House. Two bedroom one and a half bath for only 59 thousand. Sent from my...
  2. JB550

    Anchorage area airboat trip.

    The weekend I'll be there will be the 25th and 26th of June. It would be me and only one other person. My friend there is an avid Outdoorsman that hunts and fishes regularly
  3. JB550

    Anchorage area airboat trip.

    I am coming to Anchorage for a weekend in the end of June. I would like to trade a trip on an airboat there for a trip on an airboat in the Flying Eagle Preserve Citrus County Florida. I have friends I'm staying with up there that have lived there for over 20 years that I haven't seen in that...
  4. JB550

    New ecotec concerns

    Love mine. Got 70 hours without a hickup. I have a 2.0L and it bolts directly up. Very clean setup.
  5. JB550

    556hp LSA vs. 600hp 418 Water Thunder

    This is my last boat with a LSA on it so maybe I do have a small clue digginfool. My current boat is my 12th boat in 21 yrs of riding. Soooo... from where im sitting I am not the one with the dunce cap on. If I were to own a 2nd boat I would want a big comfortable barge for the big open waters...
  6. JB550

    Need new trailer

    Look close at the plastic bunk rails. 1 man can push the boat off the trailer. Oh and yes I get compliments on the trailer 2.
  7. JB550


    This is the 12 foot Marty bray with matching rake.
  8. JB550

    Lost glo-whip.

    I left my glo-whip on the ground at the boat ramp off gobler drive in the flying eagle on saturday. Please pm me if someone found it. Thanks Jeff.
  9. JB550

    ECOTEC vs SBC vs O-540, A Power to Weight Ratio Discussion

    Let's see your 540 turn this prop. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. JB550

    Where are you Chicken Hawk!!!

    Now looky here I is a chickenhawk ya see and I don't take no crap offa no chicken.
  11. JB550

    St. John's river flooding?

    How bad is it guys? Tampa news showed pictures of houses underwater.
  12. JB550

    How are the Eco Techs holding up

    Rode the boat today for a short run on the river. Rides smooth strait and effortlessly on the dry. Came across this green grass at 3800 rpm. Gonna ride flying eagle all day tommorrow.
  13. JB550

    How are the Eco Techs holding up

    As far as I know the only thing that has failed other than because of human error such as radiator getting hole this
  14. JB550

    I'm drinking EcoTech Kool-Aide

    Done at Als shop and now heading back to chuck at airboat pros for the final touches
  15. JB550

    I'm drinking EcoTech Kool-Aide

    A couple more
  16. JB550

    I'm drinking EcoTech Kool-Aide

    Gotta love Al Davids work
  17. JB550

    I'm drinking EcoTech Kool-Aide

    One more or
  18. JB550

    I'm drinking EcoTech Kool-Aide

    Well honestly Scott roll a really experienced.builder will almost always get the setup right the first time. There are many reasons I used Al David to do my rigging and here are a couple of pictures of the stearing. I hate cable stearing and al does a great job of the dogleg steering that gives...
  19. JB550

    I'm drinking EcoTech Kool-Aide

    Moving right along