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    Thank you Marshall!

    :thumbleft: :salute: It was an honor to ba a part of such an Historic event! Thank you to all parties involved, mostly however, thank you Mike Elf for putting it all together. He is a highly involved activist on OUR behalf. If any of you are able and or willing to be more involved, now is the...
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    KISSIMMEE during the Thanksgiving week

    I will be up your way for the Holiday and have the family and airboat. Staying at Camp Mack and would like to hook up with some fellow airboaters to show us your neck of the marsh. As a guide in the Everglades, my family is used to long rides and loves to fish as well. If any of you KSRVA guys...
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    annual Tom Shirley fish fry and Memorial Run

    Mack's Fish Camp will be hosting an annual fish fry and Memorial ride to honor the Legendary Tom Shirley. More details to come...
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    R.I.P. TOM SHIRLEY and Naomi Shirley

    Tom and Naomi Shirley will be sorely missed by all and we are deeply saddned by their passing. Despite the loss, we were so fortunate as a Gladesmen community to have Tom Shirley as our advocate for so many decades. His legendary bravado and tireless dedication to the preservation and...
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    For so many generations our troops have served this country proudly and united as brothers in arms. This week we have seen their battle ready courage once again. As they have approached a national monument and defied those who would dare to withhold them from a show of gratitude to those who...
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    Family Stranded near Catfish Creek on Hatchneeha

    CRYSTAL Johnathan ANYONE WHO CAN ASSIST PLEASE CALL ASAP. The family was hog hunting last night and lost their mag somewhere on catfish creek. They say that they are about 3-400 yards from the water near a fence line to lease hunting land. When you call them please have them walk to tha...
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    Help plan the future of Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management

    Help plan the future of Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area A 10-year plan for the Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) will be presented Aug. 1, a Thursday, at a public hearing in Glades County. People are invited to attend the 7 p.m. public hearing at the Glades County...
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    MACK'S FISH CAMP videos

    Hope you like these too. I will be changing the music on one asap. Please call 954-536-74oo for more info or go to THANKS kX_3NiTfeQ8 EhfCU_nTgK0 :salute: :old_glory: :salute:
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    Toho today with the family

    Near lake Toho with the family till Fri. evening. Looking for interesting outdoors Old Florida to see. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Fuel pressure for a naturally aspirated BBC

    I have a BBC 509 Merlin, that produced 620hp @ 5500 rpms and has an 850 Holley Marine carb on it. ? is, what is the correct fuel pressure at or near WOT? I am having a hard time to get it to produce more than 4500 rpms, with a 2.37\1 gear and a 85" 3 blade R. The prop pitch has not changed...
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    Any Personal injury Defense Attourney's on here?

    There has come to light, a person whom we tried to save, died. I thought the Good Sam act offered protection for this. I / we are being sued for ??//. Please PM any info that may help, I will most likely require some services. Thanks and God Bless. :salute: :proud: :salute:
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    Funny Presidential video (got to watch this one) I'm not a fan of rap, but this is some funny shizz right here. A friend showed me this and it was worth sharing. :lol: :lol: :lol: ENJOY
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    My 496 BBC is complete :bounce: The question is... do you experienced gentlemen on here believe the Dyno is worth it? I have heard some say it can (and sometimes does) ruin a new engine. The tech who I would use is fully trust worthy and would do a fine job tuning the engine. What do I...
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    BASSIN GLADES STYLE, These are the days of our lives :toothy7: . I have to say, when it's's good :bounce: Thanks for looking. Many more to come, I am starting to figure this stuff out :lol:
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    Is Aluminum Better?

    I have a 468 Roller motor (MARK IV) & need help deciding if Aluminum heads r worth the investment.. Comp Cams #11-456-8 .566 lift , 242 int & 248exh @ .050, 112 degrees lobe seperarion OEM heads fully remanned with Roller Rockers to boot , ported/not polished "hyper" pistons, Moly rings...
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    Francis Taylor WCA 3B closure

    HERE WE GO AGIAN.... Every year (it seems like) we go through this same old thing. The water is too deep for the DECIMATED herd to survive on the now endangered "tree islands" in the nearly extinct, Everglades. Yes.... the deer herd and yes, the Everglades.... or atleast it used to be called...
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    Bizarre Foods invades Mack's Fish Camp

    As we continue to shed some light on the Gladesman, Andrew Zimmern manages to show a unique side of "old Florida". (I hope this link works, please help me out if it doesn't) :salute: :old_glory: :florida: :rebel: :salute: If I would have...
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    We will be holding a benefit poker run, for the family of the young man who lost his life on the dirt road yesterday. Please P.M. with any ideas or contributions for this event. We need to do this soon and would like it to be a great turn out, to benefit the family. NATHAN was an only child...