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  1. keys2pines

    XDI ignition

    I used the Evil Energy PTFE -8 on mine a couple months ago, does seem small, but does the job for my DD. Got tired of replacing braided line due to ethanol.
  2. keys2pines

    Setting up a carb with 1:1 linkage

    Maybe they're using it in a racing application where the engine is only going from idle, staging, WOT without a need for partial throttle application/cruise. In all the carb boats I've had (ocean boat with twins, ski boat, airboat) you got the best efficiency if you could cruise with the...
  3. keys2pines

    Setting up a carb with 1:1 linkage

    The reason they all open at the same time on Fitech is because it's throttle body fuel injection and the butterflies are only for air. The injectors control the fuel flow. When you open the secondaries on a carb you are adding more fuel along with the air in response to engine load.
  4. keys2pines

    Fuel injection

    I've had a fitech on my boat for a few years without problems.
  5. keys2pines

    500 caddilac hill burner

    Don't have any experience with those engines. However, on any other engine I would say it sounds like the timing chain broke. Pull the distributor cap and see if the rotor is turning when you crank it. If it's an interference engine, you may have now bent some valves.
  6. keys2pines

    Blower on 350

    I seriously considered it, Weiand 177, it's small blower and spins up fast. Looked at all the dyno graphs I could find and people were making 280-3xx hp at 3000rpm. But in the end, you're stressing the engine down low, I was worried about detonation, and stressing the thrust bearing more. If I...
  7. keys2pines

    My new build for the Ford 408

    Mine is a deck over as well, but my tank is directly under the driver seat and is accessible from the storage hatch. Maybe put a deck access hatch like an ocean boat. Either way, it will be more reliable than inline, that's why car manufacturers do it that way.
  8. keys2pines

    My new build for the Ford 408

    I keep an extra pump with me in my spare parts box, it's like 8 nuts to take off and I can pull the pump out of the tank.
  9. keys2pines

    My new build for the Ford 408

    I used the original tank that came with my boat, just emptied it of gas and rinsed with water multiple times before cutting a hole in it, then cleaned it multiple times before putting back into use. I used this pump and replaced the rubber hose that comes with it, I heard it was junk. HyperFuel...
  10. keys2pines

    My new build for the Ford 408

    Is it an inline or in-tank pump? Heard a bunch of problems with the inline pumps so I went in-tank from the start and I've had no issues (knock on wood).
  11. keys2pines

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Aircraft Cylinders

    Very nice article, didn't realize until the end it was from 1995. Would be nice to see an updated version if there's been any changes to the author's perceptions.
  12. keys2pines

    My new build for the Ford 408

    Have you made any logs? Watch the rpm the system is seeing, when that tach wire gets noise it will throw the rpm to 20,000 and flood the engine.
  13. keys2pines

    Houses where you can dock your airboat near sawgrass recreation park?

    There's no where you can "dock" one behind your house and use it, unless you live out at a camp. Southwest ranches would be the closest to holiday park and you can keep the boat in your yard. Weston does not allow boats/trailers/etc, nor do they allow pickup trucks parked in your driveway. My...
  14. keys2pines

    Looks Like I'ma gonna be a Caddy Guy - Now What?

    I had 84lb injectors on my turbo LT1, never had an issue with idle.
  15. keys2pines

    Rick B-Day!

    Happy birthday!
  16. keys2pines

    Looks Like I'ma gonna be a Caddy Guy - Now What?

    Not for an airboat, but on my turbo Camaro I had electric fans and a CSR electric water pump. After a run I could sit in the staging lane, turn the key on, and the car would cool all the way down to the bottom of the temp gauge rather quickly.
  17. keys2pines

    Flotation Exemption to Expire

    So after July 2024, won't have to worry about pulling a new boat off the bottom of the canal or lake? Where's the fun in that?! Hopefully the boat manufacturers will be able to comply without adding crazy weight to the boat.
  18. keys2pines

    Where's the poly?
  19. keys2pines

    Fuel Pumps And Headaches

    Knock on wood, no problems for me, starts up in like 1 full revolution. I made sure I installed it correctly, keep tach wire away from noise, and put the extra ground on the throttle body. I have a slight hesitation from idle to half throttle that I haven't figured out how to tune out yet, been...
  20. keys2pines

    duramax 6.6

    Maybe too much prop? 84" 4-blade on a stock engine with 1.5-1 box? I know it's diesel, but have you checked with the prop manufacturer? Quick google search says only 445hp, doesn't seem like enough to turn it.