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    350 to 383

    Can anyone sketch me out a parts list for beefing a 350 to a 383? I would prefer quality parts for a little more...
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    Power Output

    what kind of power can i expect from a Cotinental 0470 GPU converted to aircraft with dual mags and 520 jugs and fuel injection? Thanks, Sam
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    Removing Decking

    How hard is it to remove decking on a deckover boat? Is it worth the energy or should i just keep looking for a non-decked over boat? Thanks. Sam
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    Weapons Ban

    How do we, as RESPONSIBLE gun owners, prove to the government that if they start imposing bans and taxes on weapons and ammunition, it only affects us, responsible hunters and gun owners, rather than the criminals, drug dealers, and other low lifes? Why does the NRA, National Shooting Sports...
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    Texas Spring Goose Hunts

    Anyone ever done the extended Texas Goose season? Looking for any recs for guides, outfitters, areas, etc... Thanks
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    Best Regional Areas to Hunt

    Alright, i am not asking for your best spots, just areas in general to check out. From everyone i have talked to, hunting out of an airboat is the best way to do it. The other question i have is a 13' boat too big to hunt out of? Thanks, and happy holidays to all.
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    Enforcement Question

    Alright, looking for a little direction/advice -- During the early teal season, I drew a permit for STA 2. I had my friend come with me, and another 3 of our friends came out and drew permits on the spot. After we had decided to call it a day, we pack up our gear, pick up our trash and row...
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    Pancake Cage & Rake

    Who likes them? Who doesnt like them? Why? What are the different kind of grass rakes? Still learning.... Thanks, Sam
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    How much power is a 220/220 GPU putting out? What is the max power possible in the optimal setup? Still doing research for my boat.... Thanks, Sam
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    Early Teal Season

    Where ya headed? Anyone been out to the big o lately? seen any teal? i drew a few STA permits so that is where i will be
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    Purchasing an airboat

    alright gentlemen, i bring this topic to thi forum because i hear this group is the most knowledgeable and most helpful when it comes to airboats in florida. i am looking to get into an airboat. my major motivation is for hunting purposes, but i like the possibility that the boat will open up...