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  1. anvil

    Poorboys airboat best ride ever

    Just went for a ride with William Sikes owner of poorboys airboat a new company based in steinhatchie Florida The boat was a 16 ft jimmy white powered by a custom built 383 sbc stroker 2.5 ballistic gear box a two blade super wide SensenIch prop. The (in my opinion )finest fishing boat...
  2. anvil

    k blade value

    what are a couple of k blades in good shape worth selling for a friend came off a belt drive blades measure 39 1/4 long just the blades no hub
  3. anvil

    GTO core 15

    I just wanted to express my thanks to the gun room crew and Keith at GTO for the great service. I bought a new Core 15. It got a work out today. The gun performed flawlessly and exactly as advertised. GtO has not jacked up the prices of their guns despite the current politically induced bubble...
  4. anvil

    double ro tater

    great boat very quick
  5. anvil

    busted starter

    i was reading that thread a few days ago about what to do if your starter quits on a car gear box boat way of in the wilderness. well yester day on lake george it happened with no warning. Too bad i did not have one of those tiny little aircraft motors that you can crank with your hand. after...
  6. anvil

    rumors abound

    Rumor has it one of dedicated car motor guys is building an ultra light fiberglas boat powered by a hopped up ground powered six cylinder stroker generator motor. Supposedly the motor is being built by some famous aircraft motor guru. The guy has three car motor boats that are out standing...
  7. anvil

    quick slick report

    I have a twenty + year old wilderness systems kayak. It has seen better days nearly rubbed through in a couple of places. I had a little quck slick left from my two airboats. I decided to build up the bottom of the yak with it. The result was out standing you can paddle the boat off the hill if...
  8. anvil

    hill billy hand fishing flounder

    went fishing on the west coast with jim allen and randy howard had a great time lots of reds in the slot. trout and a varity of other fish. The best shot of the day was catching a flounder. It was a nice fish not huge but would fill a large frying pan. I hung the the fish a brought it to a sand...
  9. anvil

    dead beats

    Dont you just love it when some one answers an add beggs you to save them a item. They want you to give them the family price then hold the item for several days while they gather the funding. Then they leave you waiting around the house for two days because they said they are on the way to...
  10. anvil

    air boat insurance the best

    I bought insurance on both of my boats. I had a large investment in both of them. I wanted to protect my self from theft and the cost incurred if I sunk the boat or wrecked either of the boats. If you happen to spill oil or fuel in the water it can run in to a bunch of money for clean up. This...
  11. anvil

    new air boat ban in the works for jax

    If you fish out of the jax area this may be very important to you. A young fellow up in jax opened a restaurant he is trying to attract business by running a few airboat tours out of it he is working real hard to comply with all the laws and required sound levels. he even has electic trolling...
  12. anvil

    calling out swamp dragster

    Hear he is building a fast house boat I did not have much luck out running his 16 ft marsh master I am calling out brian in his house boat againts my step hull six inches of water and a four boat spot fpr me I am on the bottle he is to be on all motor any body want to put up money?
  13. anvil

    flying anvil metal smiths

    Bobo Kendrick is the owner and sole proprietor of flying anvil metal smiths. He is moving the shop to scramble town fl to be closer to family and friends. I worked with Bobo for about a year to get this business off the ground. He does excellent work and I wish him the best. Steve Schwarzer aka...
  14. anvil

    Area 51 and Dan the air boat man

    Rumor has it area 51 is showing up with a new reduction drive unit. It is something special. dan the air boat mans booth is going to be loaded with new tec. He has a new trust testing trailer capable of testing the thrust of any boat as rigged. He also will be demoing a special self deploying...
  15. anvil

    i am calling you out why do you feel racing is important

    As most of you know I am new to this industry.with my first ride in a race boat thanks to swamp dragster I am hooked. I dont have the fastest boat but I love competition. I would like to know why it is important to the rest of the crowd. The obvious reasons are i own the fastest boat. My gear is...
  16. anvil

    marsh master

    Yep I am a bone i fied cheerleader of marsh master hulls . Lora and i made a round trip on lake george today. It was the first long run we have made since the boat was finished. I topped off the fuel tank and we ran the entire circle. I usually burned from 18 to 22 gallons of gas . We put in...
  17. anvil

    doing the right thing

    Heard a story got it second hand but I believe it to be true. Heard a fella had his boat wrecked by another guy, I am not sure how it happened. But it dosent matter. The fella that had his boat wrecked sold his gear box to another guy thinking it was ok. As it turned out the gear box was trashed...
  18. anvil

    barge races at lockloosa

    heard they are going to be barge races at loockloosa jan 1 Plan to have my fat boat ready wonder if the little skinny guy in the gun room at gto is coming hear he has a real bad fat boat. I know I wont have a chance but I will give it a try.
  19. anvil

    anvil shoot from anvil

    this art form dates back to the early usa any any town that did not have a cannon resorted to an anvil shoot the video supplied earlier explaines anything missed . I have several cannons that will shoot a 16 lb ball over a mile. got to love it aint a funnel cake but it is a bunch of fun...
  20. anvil

    short hub by Sensenich

    Installed my new four blade short hub today caint wait to try it out. It is a bunch stronger than a standard hub.The leverage point is almost four inches closer to the bearing load. It also pulls eight lbs out of the rotating assembly. It basically does away with the mounting hub on the gear...