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  1. kwanjangnihm

    15' panther help choosing reduction and prop

    I moved the thread to the dark side! (Automotive Power)
  2. kwanjangnihm

    Rick B-Day!

    Happy Birthday Rick!!
  3. kwanjangnihm

    single rudder?

    I idle when the hot chicks are on the point and on plane when the heifers are out! ;)
  4. kwanjangnihm

    Whirlwind EW or SW

    You may want to ask Patty at Whirlwind, but you could probably buy a 3 blade setup for future use and run a 2 blade for now until you go to a higher horsepower LS. The 350 & 2.68 should allow good pitch with a 2 blade. What hull are you putting it on?
  5. kwanjangnihm

    Mike I banned the poster and deleted the post. Thanks for the heads up! Jeff

    Mike I banned the poster and deleted the post. Thanks for the heads up! Jeff
  6. kwanjangnihm

    Specs on my 220 gpu

    Phil2191 this is an older thread and blown480 has passed.
  7. kwanjangnihm

    Time to start over

    I hate to see an AC guy get lured to the dark side! :) Tell us about the engine, gearbox & prop setup!
  8. kwanjangnihm

    Pontoon Outlaw B-Day!

    Happy B-Day Turtle! Hope that ole caddy is still burning up the back trails!! (y)
  9. kwanjangnihm

    Supplier of Airdrive kits

    https://banditairdrives.com/bandit-54/ UPDATE: Due to rapidly increasing material and labor costs, we are not currently producing the Bandit 54 airdrive kit. We will reevaluate if market conditions change.
  10. kwanjangnihm

    New boat-thoughts?

  11. kwanjangnihm

    WaterThunder is building the new FORD Godzilla motor

    Watherthunder - last visited site on Feb 7, 2022
  12. kwanjangnihm

    Comment by 'kwanjangnihm' in media 'IMG_E0597.JPG'

    thats what its all about right there!
  13. kwanjangnihm

    Comment by 'kwanjangnihm' in media 'IMG_0499.JPG'

    Great photo Lowtide23!
  14. kwanjangnihm

    Diesel Engine Airboats?

    see if this link has any info you may need: Dmax Airboat Project
  15. kwanjangnihm

    220 GPU cylinders

  16. kwanjangnihm

    Honda powered airboat

    Sabers are rated up to 1000hp & 3000rpm max, so 10 or 12 blades may hold it at wot. I agree with blackcoffee's comments!
  17. kwanjangnihm

    stock 0470 continental hrspower

    https://ducarraaviation.com/ https://southernairboat.com/southern-airboat-classifieds/show-ad/27021/ground-power-parts/florida/aircraft-engine/
  18. kwanjangnihm

    stock 0470 continental hrspower

    12ftgso480 have you looked at these manuals? https://www.southernairboat.com/pdf/aircraftengines/continental/gpu/
  19. kwanjangnihm

    15' panther help choosing reduction and prop

    FYI on gearbox weights! Stinger: 66.2lbs (weighed by Waterthunder) Ox box: 68lbs Rotator: 70lbs Precision (airboat gear drives): 66lbs (manufacturer reported) Torque Drive Gearbox: 70lbs CH3 Belt Box:132lbs (Weight breakdown) Upper Unit----60lbs Lower Unit with bearing----23 lbs Main...
  20. kwanjangnihm

    Honda powered airboat

    Rotator builds a 1000hp 3.26 gearbox. 8800\3.26 = 2699 prop. Contact Sensenich, Carbon Concepts or Whirlwind to see what they recommend as this is maxing out the limits of a wide blade setup.