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  1. ndod833

    Newbee question about potential purchase

    Boat honestly sound like a recipe for a great time. Too much of a boat?!?! Is there a limit too haveing fun?
  2. ndod833

    Where's the poly?

    Just bought some yesterday from classic.
  3. ndod833

    Weld or not too weld?

    Yea I guess at panther they weld the holes shut and redrill.
  4. ndod833

    Weld or not too weld?

    Boys I’m putting fresh Polly on my aluminum hull and my questions is should I weld all the holes shut and redrill, or just use the holes I already have. I know welding would be best, but how much better? Leaning towards using the holes I already have.
  5. ndod833

    Taking motor out with no lift.

    Trying to take my motor out of my airboat without a lift. Will a standard motor hoist work? (350 engine)
  6. ndod833

    What’s up puggy

    What’s up puggy
  7. ndod833

    Polly or boat?

    Thanks radtech
  8. ndod833

    Polly or boat?

    So my 15ft panther aluminum hull w/ 350 engine goes maybe 15-20 mph with two people and no gear on open water. The Polly is pretty bad. My question is how much faster could I realistically expect to go with fresh Polly, and does new Polly really make that much of a difference. Thanks gents
  9. ndod833

    540 on 16ft hull??!?

    Not trying to run dry. Trying to push no more than 1000 pounds total. Mostly open water and on some mud.
  10. ndod833

    540 on 16ft hull??!?

    So looking at a panther aluminum hull and wondering if a 540 will push it? And what would be the limitations with something like that.
  11. ndod833

    Will this thing push?

    Okay boys not super knowledgeable on airboating. But I’m looking into a 16x8 panther hull airboat with a lycoming 540. Not looking to carry more than 1000 pounds total. not trying to run dry. Will the lycome do the trick?