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    Who can build me Rigging Cage Stand etc Miami.

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I’ll Keep it in mind.
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    Who can build me Rigging Cage Stand etc Miami.

    12x8 alum hull. For Cont 520.
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    Florida's biggest stream?

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    Who can build me Rigging Cage Stand etc Miami.

    Looking for someone that can help us get a complete rigging built. I’m in Miami. I will order seat shells. Please advise of anyone descent.. Thks!
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    AAOF Corned Beef & Cabbage Poker Run

    Indeed he is! Glad to have him there!
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    AAOF Corned Beef & Cabbage Poker Run

    Glad we made it. We had nice time. Looking forward to the BBQ. 4/23/22
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    Southern Glades New Year's Eve day run North of 41

    Goin out on 2 bend north of 41 with wife and kids. Anyone else going out Sat New Year's Eve day? Weather is nice to take a run the last day of the year!
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    Duck hunting southern glades ? Anyone?

    This is a long shot but I don't know where and how to duck hunt in the glades. I hunted the St Johns river and Lake O many times. This year Id really like to duck hunt closer but I don't know the Glades area. Any airboaters duck hunt north of 41 in the glades? Looking for other...
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    Radiator up high or below under motor?

    Im doing a few upgrades. The radiator is one of them. Right now I have the radiator up high above the motor. No cooling issues but since Im replacing to a new aluminum radiator I might consider puting the new one under the the motor attached to the engine stand while Im at it. Is worth it. Is...
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    Rv camping resorts sites and Airboating..Where?

    Hey Ive checked around and dont know where to go thats laid back and open to air boaters. It should be family oriented or friendly and nice to spend a few days. Maybe leave the RV there a week or two. Im in south florida but Im willing to travel to Lake O, St Johns or Lake Kissimee... Give...
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    Prop damage from drive belt Caddy DD 500

    Anyone have this happen to them? I was running my boat dry in my yard and the alternator bracket broke, the drive belt came off and my wood prop sucked it in and the belt broke the 4" of the tip off the prop and damage to the left side of the cage! I thought my prop exploded but it was the...
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    How do I know if I have 472 or 500 Caddy? I have a coolant l

    Hey guys, just trying to figure out if I have a 472 or 500ci caddy V8. I have a Water dripping issue?? I replaced the headers with SS headers. Overnight the right side header bolts dripped some coolant out??? It continues to drip and its a slow drip but the front 3 bolts are dripping? Can...
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    Looking for private guide airboaters Orlando Lake K ?

    Well any reputable private guided airboat anyone know about near Lake Kissimee r Orlando. We are looking for a Tuesday 14th ride. Would like a small 6 man max boat.!!!! No barges larger than 18-19 ft! Call 305-479-6298 Or 305-219-1683 4- 2 adults and 2 kids Thks!!!
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    Where to buy seats for the airboat?

    I havent been able to locate seats. ) I'm looking for black seat molds to mount on my airboat ~ (2) single and (1) triple~. With or without seat covers. Can someone tell me where is the best place and how much should they run? Thanks AMD 305/479*6298
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    Slick bottom and Resonators internals (Where and Which)

    Well guys I'm new here. I was hoping I can get a guide to which and where to buy these two items I need. I just purchased an aircraft carrier! I mean a 18x8 H Fiberglass hull with SS rigging and a 500 ci Caddillac with a Power Shift DD Carbon Fiber prop. I think its a great learning plateform...