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  1. rick

    Rick B-Day!

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Rick
  2. rick

    Pontoon Outlaw B-Day!

    Happy birthday! Rick
  3. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media 'IMG_E0597.JPG'

    Yep, that young man with the red brought the first smile to my face and what looks to be a strong running Lycoming brought the second...good job
  4. rick

    Aircraft Engine Manuals

    Went ahead and made this thread sticky. It should stay at the top now. Didn't realize that was changed when I converted the forum a while back. Rick
  5. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media 'Oakhead for lunch'

    Must be runnin good to be that far from water...congrats!
  6. rick

    Florida's "_____" Degree Rule

    Well I had to google "paradoxical" lol, but I did get it right before I checked the answer. You always bring up interesting facts Rick
  7. Short Midweek Run

    Short Midweek Run

    End of day and Dixie's wore out. Be time to fire up & head to the house shortly...great day on the river.
  8. Short Midweek Run

    Short Midweek Run

    One of the biggest rod & reel softshell turtles for me. FWC note...it was catch & release I promise lol.
  9. Short Midweek Run

    Short Midweek Run

    We eat a lot of grilled sausages on the river lol.
  10. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media 'IMG_3599.MOV'

    Being born & raised in Central FL, I can't say that I've ever done that, but it looks fun to me.
  11. rick

    Weld or not too weld?

    I reused the holes on my old Hamant years ago with no problem. Been a long time, but I'm pretty sure I used some kind of drill bushing to protect the threads when I drilled new holes in the polymer. I had no problems with the new installation. Grandson just had his riveted poly replaced by a...
  12. rick

    Drag Races

    Didn't make it, but it sure looks like a fun day to me. Rick
  13. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media 'SJR Cypress Swamp'

    That one's pretty close to hwy 50
  14. rick

    First airboat

    Same here on it being a 520 IMO. I've always been told that the 520 barrel goes around the nuts like shown in your pics, but not on the 470 like in this pic of my grandson's aircraft 470. Rick
  15. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media '09D3DB3A-D674-4412-88D3-3893D9A6DF6D.jpeg'

    Thanks kwan, I was worried that the gallery wasn't working for everyone. Same filter I use btw.
  16. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media 'test pic 2.JPG'

    Nice...that setup does have huntboat wrote all over it
  17. SJR Wildcaught Catfish

    SJR Wildcaught Catfish

    Avgas = $5.64 per gallon (New Smyrna) Average trip 7 gallons (+/-) = $39.48 Publix catfish = $9.99 per lb. Hell all I gotta do is catch 3.95 lbs. per trip to break even On a good day my wife will have to give me back some of the grocery money for more avagas lol
  18. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media 'test pic 2.JPG'

    Also...that's a nice boat sitting in some pretty woods right there.
  19. rick

    Comment by 'rick' in media 'test pic 2.JPG'

    Thanks for uploading the pics kwan. I was worried that I was the only one that could do it...that would've made me feel like a real idiot lol.
  20. rick

    The dark side is pulling me in

    You're right kwan. Let's try this... RJ, take a look at this pic I took of my grandson last weekend and pretend I've figured out how to add smellavision to this site: https://southernairboat.com/community/media/sjr-cypress-swamp.98095/full You're gonna be depriving your buddies of the sweet...