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  1. Slidin Gator

    Florida Gator Hunt Rule Revisions - Airbows

    The FWC (Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission) is soliciting comments on proposed 2022 gator hunting regs. The two elements that they are advertising are: - Changing hunting hours to 24 hr/day - Making airbows a legal means of take (as long as the bolt has a line attached). What they are...
  2. Slidin Gator

    Pacemaker Install

    With the water dropping, froggin's been good, but the engine's been acting up and a mag drop test confirmed I needed some ignition work. My first thought was to start troubleshooting the mags, but I quickly decided to move on to the correct plan. A few years back, I realized that VHF dog...
  3. Slidin Gator

    Lycoming Bayonet CHT Deep Dive - Cheap Sensors

    11 months ago I installed a pair of CHT sensors on my Lycoming IO-540. They have been failing this year and I spent Sunday on a deep dive to figure out why. Originally I bought a Dual needle gauge from Westach, model 2DC8. The gauge is $154 on Aircraft Spruce in Georgia, but cheaper at...
  4. Slidin Gator

    Looks Like I'ma gonna be a Caddy Guy - Now What?

    We'll sort of a Caddy guy :stirpot: got a worn out L92 with 234K miles out of an Escalade. Talked to one salvage yard and they wanted a core charge, I said a 200K+ mile motor is a core, found one elsewhere with an honest price, no core. Gonna start with forged internals so I might as well...
  5. Slidin Gator

    Shadoobie, Shattered Shattered

    My son found a long forgotten 8" corner post last weekend, it was sitting about 8" out of the mud, disguised as weeds. The Stones wrote a song about it. [youtube-video]https://youtu.be/W_4NzaPSVB4[/youtube-video]
  6. Slidin Gator

    Stossel Palm Beach Hull Riveted Rake Cap Replacement

    We had to replace the rake caps on the Ghost after one season. Normally on a Stossel hull the rake caps are 0.06" stainless. The rake cap is a piece of flat formed into an angle shape, but at about 120 degrees vs. 90. This picture shows 1/2 of the completed project. This hull was...
  7. Slidin Gator

    Case Split Oil Leak Repair

    I got a buddy with a Lycoming O-360, a 180 narrow deck. It is leaking oil between the case halves up top, near the accessory case. We found a procedure to repair it using vacuum and super glue without splitting the case (link below), just wondering if anyone has any other options they have...
  8. Slidin Gator

    Lycoming Spin on Filter Swap, Champion CH48110-1, Napa 1515

    Lots of time on my hands, time for another oil change. I have the Champion Aerospace spin on filter kit on a IO-540. The replacement filter is overpriced at $28.50 from Aircraftspruce: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/championfilter_08-00909.php A bit of googling and...
  9. Slidin Gator

    John Prine

    Dammit, another legend gone. "Throw my brain in a hurricane the blind can have my eyes, And the deaf can take both of my ears if they don't mind the size" [youtube-video]https://youtu.be/JfBdMXhpQnU[/youtube-video]
  10. Slidin Gator

    SFWMD Closures

    I don't get the logic of closing down wide open spaces for this situation, it seems like we should be opening things up,everyone get's a 10 foot pole. SFWMD shuts down all access. https://www.sfwmd.gov/news/sfwmd-temporarily-closing-public-access-some-district-lands-protect-public-safety-reduce
  11. Slidin Gator

    Happy New Year! 2020

    It’s finally it’s year! Never thought I’d actually see 2020 the first time I drank a bottle. http://www.bumwine.com/md2020.html
  12. Slidin Gator

    I'm Building 2 Stossel Boats with High Torque Motors

    During my last ride at Mack's, the sled just didn't slide right. Climbed under it when I got home and found that the trailing edge of my poly is lifting off the rivets, time to take her out of service. Luckily I already had a plan, so it's time to implement. I have two identical 14x7 High...
  13. Slidin Gator

    Breaking the Bead on Tires

    Just got done replacing 3x worn out tires on my trailer. Figured I would show my method for breaking the bead. I have an air compressor powered, Venturi style air conditioning vacuum pump. For $30 it works great for Auto AC work, but I also use it to break the beads on my tires. It works...
  14. Slidin Gator

    Tuning a Lean Running O-540 & 6AA / M5-4 Carbs

    I have a Straight valve, narrow deck O-540, 8.5:1 compression, that is running hot and lean. I have 2 carbs on hand, an MA4-5 (Largest Jet) and a MA-6AA, both freshly rebuilt by GMAC76. I will put my plug in for Greg now, he has provided great service finding some oddball broken parts and...
  15. Slidin Gator

    750 Hp Continental IO 550

    This article is a good read with some general info on the mods one guy has made to his IO 550 to generate 750 Hp for air racing. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/08/400mph-50-feet-up-what-it-takes-to-race-and-win-worlds-fastest-motorsport/ Zoom Zoom!
  16. Slidin Gator

    Adjustable Push Rods

    FYI, If anyone is looking for (or never heard of) adjustable push rods for aviation engines, you can get them (or any other push rods) from Smith Brothers out of Oregon. http://www.pushrods.net. I got a set for my Lycoming O-540 Straight Valve, Narrow deck. Smith Bro's P/N AR74B-NN. $25 each...
  17. Slidin Gator

    Thrust Performance Test and Measurement

    I am planning to build up a “Thrust Performance” test system for use with my boat, as well as any others interested. My preference is a device that I can attach to a truck hitch receiver and connect the trailer to. The idea is a portable device that I can keep in the truck to test various...
  18. Slidin Gator

    O-540 Oil Pressure Adjustment

    It's the summer repair and maintenance season for me. I thought I would document this operation here for others to reference. I will also note that status of the oil pressure relief is a good item to check when buying a new motor, you don't want a motor with a pile of shim under the spring and...
  19. Slidin Gator

    Love The New Ads!

    I ignore most of the ads, but this one really caught my eye. I think the ad robot is starting to figure out what interests me. :bounce: What do we need to do to get the ad robot to send us more of these? :thumbleft:
  20. Slidin Gator

    Area 1 - Arthur R. Marshall NWR - Potential Hunting etc.

    I read not so long ago that the SFWMD had sued the feds over poor management of exotics in the Loxahatchee - Arthur R. Marshall NWR, also know as Everglades Area 1. It appears that the previous agreement is now void and a new agreement signed Feb. 26. As a result it looks like there is some...