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  1. rsobczak

    Narrated Power Point on history of Big Cypress

    Hey everyone, Here's a narrated Power Point on the Big Cypress. Not quite Top Gun. Big Cypress Master Plan? :florida::):rolleyes:
  2. rsobczak

    Mystery: Summer wet season’s botanical clue?

    The start of fall is easy to see in the swamp: Look no farther than the needles of the cypress tree turning brown then fall off. But does the swamp have a similar botanical clue that signals the start of the summer wet season? Hint: Think country mouse, city mouse a. Pond apples start to...
  3. rsobczak

    Unsolved Summer Riddler

    Good guess ... but incorrect for south Florida (Hint: Think Italian Viking)
  4. rsobczak

    Unsolved Summer Riddler

    Can you guess the two holidays that bookend summer in Florida? a. St Patricks Day and Thanksgiving b. Memorial Day and Fourth of July c. Fourth of July and Groundhog Day d. April Fools and Columbus Day e. Memorial Day and Labor Day Answer: Summer's two bookends? :florida: :old_glory: 🛩️
  5. rsobczak

    Top 5 Water Management Logos in Florida

    Here's the choices: Best Water Management Logo in Florida :florida: 🛶 👍 And curious, too -- Which one do you like best???
  6. rsobczak

    Short history of the L-28

    Perhaps the Everglades most misunderstood levee, here's a short narrated video on the history of why it was built and how it changed over time. Short History of the L-28 🦆🗺️🛶:florida:
  7. rsobczak

    Lake Okeechobee Cheat Sheet

    Here's an water level update for Lake O, also showing historic levels and discharge history down the Caloosahatchee and Everglades. https://gohydrology.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Summary_Lake-11.gif
  8. rsobczak

    Florida's "_____" Degree Rule

    Thanks Rick!
  9. rsobczak

    Florida's biggest stream?

  10. rsobczak

    FREE Water Cycle Tutorial (while supplies last!!!)

    Hey everyone, Here's a FREE tutorial on south Florida's water cycle. Go Hydrology 3.0 Explained :florida:🦆☂️⛄
  11. rsobczak

    Florida's biggest stream?

    Good guess, Study guide: Dictionary – Go Hydrology!
  12. rsobczak

    Florida's biggest stream?

    Wrong Answer, but A for effort
  13. rsobczak

    Florida's biggest stream?

  14. rsobczak

    Florida's "_____" Degree Rule

    As paradoxical as it may seem, the same temperature is used to indicate the arrival of both winter and summer in south Florida. Can you guess the right one? a. 32° F b. 50° F c. 70° F d. 90° F Answer: Go Hydrology! :rolleyes::alien::old_glory:
  15. rsobczak

    Florida's biggest stream?

    Can you guess Florida’s biggest stream? a. Apalachicola River, b. The Everglades (and Big Cypress Swamp), c. St. Johns River, d. Gulf Stream, e. Lake Okeechobee ANS: Go Hydrology | Water Cycle Served Fresh :florida:🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️
  16. rsobczak

    Water quiz: Start of wet season?

    Can you guess the day when the wet season usually starts? Hint: It’s a holiday. a. Fourth of July – 7/4 b. Memorial Day – 5/30 c. Tax Day – 4/15 e. Mother’s Day – 5/8 f. Father’s Day – 6/19 Answer: https://gohydrology.org
  17. rsobczak

    Weekly Water Challenge

    Can you guess how many Fenways of water per day are flowing from the new bridges into Everglades National Park and from the Floridan Aquifer to Ocala’s Silver Spring? Hint: It’s the same. a. 2,000 per day b. 19 per day c. 3 per day d. 4,587 per day Answer: Go Hydrology | Water Cycle Served Fresh
  18. rsobczak

    Everglades Cheat Sheets

    Here's a quick and in-depth look at hydrologic conditions across south Florida: Cheatsheets – Go Hydrology! 🧊⛲📭
  19. rsobczak

    Firefighter's Cheat Sheet

    Firefighter's Cheatsheet: Is it dry? Or is it wet? Or a combo? https://gohydrology.org/cheatsheets/wildfire-cheatsheet/ 🇺🇲🚡🔥
  20. rsobczak

    Everglades Expert's Cheat Sheets

    Sick of not knowing what's going on with the water? These "new and improved" cheat sheets put you in the driver's seat. Everglades Expert's Cheat Sheets :old_glory: