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0-540 prop ???

Im looking at an older 1980's panther 15ft aluminum hull with polymer. The boat has a 540 with and wooden prop currently and wont run dry very well at all. If i was to buy the boat and replace the prop with a 70-72" composite will it make a real difference in the push? I have seen a 16ft older panther with a 540 run dry just fine with a composite 2 blade.
From the pics, that is definitely not the prop you need, all props have pro's & con's, you need to know what you want the boat to do.
Do you know anything about the engine. Lycoming made the O-540 in models from 235hp to 260hp in the straight valve model. If you have a 235 hp engine I think you would have trouble. Do you know what prop you have size wise? Should be around a 72x44 if its a stick prop. Also if you can tell us the RPM you are turning it we can estimate pretty close as to what your HP is.
might not be prop could be carb accelerator pump is week not giving full shot of go go juice.
happened to friend of mine we rebuilt and cleaned the MA4-5 updraft carb
when tested on trailer it frightened me the whole side of boat lifted up the power increased
so much was unbelievable.