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0360-----180 or 200hp


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Well it looks like I might be looking to upgrade to a 0360 180ho or a 200hp, I'd prefer the 180 Wide Deck engine if I can get one. I was running my boat earlier and the motor killed and i noticed that oil was leaking out the cylinder face plates where it says Lycoming. And then the motor killed, so I had to use my 10ft 1/8" Alum 125hp boat to get back to the camp, which is a dog in the thick stuff. Who can I get one of these motors from that has a good Repuation for being a reliable rebuilder and can anyone give me a price for either motor.

Any also for my 10ft decked 125hp boat, is there anything I can do to get more hp out of that pea-shooter engine???

Once again Thanks for all of ya'lls help it is much apreciated.