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0360 long reach plugs in 16 heat range


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:rebel: question I am currently running D16 champion plugs in my 0360 , but I am purchasing better cylinders that are deep thread so I need a long reach plug . I would like to keep it in the same heat range or close any idea what plug that would be. thanks in advance :rebel:
:rebel: Gary I ordered 4 first run non air worthy cylinders from GIBSON AVIATION in Oklahoma they are for 0360 w/d a/v , Marshal told me they were long reach spark plug cylinders meaning they have a thicker head or housing where the spark plug goes. I would not swear to it but I believe it is only like a 1/4 inch thicker instead of 1/2 inch I believe these are 3/4 so they call them LONG REACH CYLINDERS so I assume I need longer plugs. :rebel:
Just run the normal plugs. I would suggest anti-seize as well as changing the plugs often.(At least once a year.) The reason being is the last bit of threads becomes part of your combustion chamber and over time particulates cause the plugs to seize in the threads. If you change them once a year you dont have issues. I ran the same cylinders for the past 11 years with normal length plugs. I got lazy one year and got bit by 2 cylinders.
:rebel: Ok sounds good I just wasn't sure if I needed longer plugs or not , I sure couldn't seem too find any that looked like they would have worked . thanks for the help Bob Brack :rebel: