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12x6 1/4 in poly

Take a ride on up to Diamondback airboats ! best price top knotch service . they will roll it and put it in your truck.
I’ve never seen Polymer that you could “roll” up but if I did I would go the other direction. Make sure it’s UHMW and not recycled. Disclaimer: I’ve only used 3/8” and 1/2” but I’d like to see someone roll it up.
Not unusual for the thickness being discussed. No reason to think it isn't UHMW.
I have 3/8 on mine, and I agree with your observation. I don't see it being a willing participant either.

There is a big difference between saving your gel coat by not scraping it off a light boat,
and preventing a piling or a jagged rock from piercing your hull on a big heavy boat.

I've seen 1/4" rolled up, and I've toted 3/8" flat on a trailer. My question if someone knows is,
Will the 5/16" roll up like the quarter inch, or is it like the 3/8 and doesn't want to?

I'm considering 5/16" for the next hull and am curious about this.
Use ratchet straps, I just rolled a 160"x 80" into a nice bundle for transport. Make sure your straps are good.
Here in Ak, we get 100' rolls of 1/4" and 3 /8" rolled and shipped all the time.
Then we cut it up, roll it up as smaller chunks and send it out to customers.
No problem!
Bring it to Yankeetown in the winter and we’ll see how it holds up. Some people can make it last a long time but not if you go where you need to. That’s all I’m saying.