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14x7 Robicheaux thrust angle


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Looking for some tips on setting thrust angle. I had a 14x7 diamond back sold it a year ago and bought a robicheaux with a blown motor took the whole boat apart redid everything. Boat is a lil beat up but I beat it out and put new cross brace in it. I took the old 350 sbc out and went against the grain and put a built Ls in it. Around 530 hp where I have it pitched 5400 Running a 2:1 with new 3 blade carbon concepts falcon. Well when I put the boat together it ran so good I dint mess with it. Well fast forward 9 months. Start using the boat to get ready for hunting season. Added some pitch to see how it respond. Went to push with it. And had a vibration it never had before. Ended up being my bushings under reduction must have settled and were loose. It was late in the afternoon and was leaving early in the morning to go make shooting lanes. So I just tighten them down until they were good and tight. Well boat is lifting like crazy on the ground almost can’t turn in the marsh boat wants to lift and roll. I leveled the boat to try and see how far it’s off but everywhere I check it I get a different reading. So if y’all could help with some tips on setting the thrust Angle that be great.

terrible ted

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Well if it was good and tightening down the rear changed it. Then measure the loosen and measure and start by adding that shim under your mount. There is an old post about where your angles should be search the history.