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170 with 10:1, nitrous the right way


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Have a 170 on a little Phillips Hull, I bought the boat with a 150 shot on it the system seems a bit sketchy to me so I haven’t fooled with it until I can gather some info on the correct way to set it up and the correct way to use it. I’m as green as it gets when it comes to the bottle hoping someone can steer me the right way. Thanks in advance.

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Reggie that is a fairly large shot for a small engine. I would not use it unless someone very familiar with your engine internals gave it the blessing.

There are two ways Nitrous is introduced into the engine a WET system or a DRY system.

The wet system injects the Nitrous and a metered amount of gasoline fuel simultaneously to both richen up the mix and add power.

The dry system uses just the Nitrous gas.

The most common is by use of a plate at the intake plenum. More advanced systems use port injectors and rails.

Triggering the systems solenoids is a matter of choice many use a micro switch that acts when the throttle is in the wide open position. Regardless of your activation method I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A SEPARATE ARMING SWITCH with a cover to prevent accidental or unintentional activation. I personally prefer an arming switch and button but it requires thought and coordination to properly employ that style set up. You wouldn't think it does, but all it takes is one screw up and your into potential damage. If you use a race brake the micro switch is the way to rig it.

Not sure your fuel system but in general terms a wet NOS system needs an enhanced fuel pressure and volume. Your going to be running wide open and then on a wet system it is opening a separate circuit and spraying more fuel so that is when pressure needs to be monitored. In a traditional C/M carburetor configuration with plate it should never fall below 4 pounds at any time in the run and we strive to keep 5 plus when we set up a system on our C/M boats.

Some rig a separate fuel cell and pump to the Nitrous system.

Engine timing is typically retarded slightly when a Nitrous system is installed.

Get with someone who has extensive A/C nitrous use and discuss your application.
The boat currently has a wet kit with fogger nozzle just above the air filter between the carb. No pressure gauges or safety switches whatsoever. The boat has mags on it so no way to retard timing, i do not want to run this system definitely too many things to go wrong. Does anyone offer a kit for an aircraft engine application?