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1976 cad 500/16' alum panther


Looking at buying a 16' panther with a '76 cad 500. Read the 76s only make 190 hp but still produce good torque. I;m no mechanic and a newbie with airboats so excuse my ignorance. I'm wondering how well will this motor push this boat. Any input?
Try the SEARCH tab on this site be surprised what you can find on that platform! Your question has been answered many times.
Best thing to do is prove to the seller you have the money to purchase and them have them take you out for several hours of running putting the boat to the test. Pull and push on the prop to check wear of the thrust and see generally how it runs. If your within 100 miles of Brooksville Florida pay Buddy Branch to inspect it for you. It would be money well spent. As UNFORGIVEN stated using the search feature will give you plenty to read.

PM if you have a question I will try to offer an opinion.

Horsepower numbers posted by GM are skewed the manufacturers were not using a standard measure method over the years the platform was made. The 75 and 76 had 120cc heads which work well for a pump gas direct drive.
I would also add to the good advice you’ve already received that how well that engine will push that boat depends on your expectations. Even under a best case scenario, that boat and motor combo is not going to run a bunch of dry ground with a load. Depending on the setup and condition of the engine, my guess is that it is a water only boat.