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220 Gpu Cylinder heads with dual spark plugs


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Dropped valves in two cylinder heads. I have two to replace but looking for future part needs or repairs to these heads. One dropped the intake the other was the exhaust. Who’s got info on re working or were to buy? With 3a closed guess I have a couple weeks. I’m in Broward. Thanks in advance
I am an extreme newbie, so keep that in mind. I did see Thurman Powered Air Sports on Facebook and they are down south. I can't give any feedback at all regarding them, but the pics of their work looks really good.

Stock cylinders are hard to find in good shape anymore. Then you have to pay a machine shop to put the second hole in them. You may want to look into tearing the top end off and installing true 470 cylinders and pistons. I am seeing a lot of pull offs lately for sale. doesnt make a ton more power but cylinder head temps go way down and oil consumption is 10 times better. You already have dual mags so that part is done. JMO!
I’ve found some from a conversion, when these go I’ll do the 0470 conversion with run outs. Thanks for the info.