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350 - Best box



I currently have a 14ft Alumitech boat with a 350 and 1.73 stinger box. The 350 is basically stock besides headers, 4 barrel carb and edelbroke intake. The boat runs well now but after reading up the the forums i understand a higher ratio gearbox may benefit me greatly.

I have a local guy that wants to trade me a 2.09 stinger box for my 1.73.... Currently my motor will only redline 5300 RPM. Stock heads and cam in it.

Am i better off sticking with the 1.73 for my current motor setup or should i go with the 2.09

One other question is will i need to change prop if i go with the 2.09 or can i run the same one?
Most folks I know running stock/near stock 350s, run a 2:1 box, with a 2 blade R series prop. That being said, what prop do you currently have? My opinion is you would be better off with the 2:09 Stinger, but again, depends on what prop you are turning???