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3A closed again


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Just to let everyone know, 3A is closed again due to high water. 2A is still open and the southeast section of 3A south, Holiday Park area, will stay open.
Of course they’ll keep holiday park open with water in the parking lot, they don’t want the county to miss out on any tour boat money
from my 3a cellular game cam yesterday - sorry Scotty :(

:rebel: Kwan that would almost be funny if the real situation wasn't so different, the fact that you can spend a week in the glades an not see one deer is pitiful. I know in the res, that they don't let us hunt in there very often so you would think that the game should be plentiful, but that is not the case. And as far as this closure crap 3A SOUTH SHOULD NOT BE CLOSED the water level over there was not high at all and it was dropping this is total BULL SH-T. FWC ONLY MONITORS THE NORTH SIDE LEVEE 5 where there may be some game, but the south side is a hole different situation. This crap of closing down the glades accept for areas that benefit the county is TOTAL HORSE SH-T I hope the res, don't follow but they always do we had this discussion at the Miccosukee meeting so we will see if they listen or not, I bet they did not :rebel: :slap: :slap: STILL WAITING ON THE BAD NEWS SITE INFO
:rebel: ACCORDING TO EDEN 14 GAUGE SITE IN 3A SOUTH THE WATER HAS NOT EVEN CAME UP A FOOT SINCE DRY TILL TODAY :dontknow: WTF IS UP :rebel: I see where they closed some of 2a but don't see nothing on 3a
:rebel: ladyblackwater I hate to disagree with you but I do there are not that many deer on the south side and if you would check the water elevation over there you would see that it is no where near closing level. this is all on F.W.C. they just up and close areas that are not in any danger for what few deer there are and they just keep the areas open for the tour companys to run so the county and state can get paid. THE 3A SOUTH SIDE IS NOT TO HIGH PERIOD :rebel:
I see your signature says you were in Naples for 48 years, So this is nothing new to you they dont want us out there in a Airboat or Buggy.. Sadly what we know as a way of life is slowly being taken away. I'm sure you can remember when you could run from 41 to the saltwater, or you could ride your Buggy on every prairie in Turner River.Slowly but surely they are stopping it.
:rebel: Andy yes I was born in Naples and my son and daughter still do live there in late 2005 ,I decided their were way to many people living there and most did not speak English .So it was time for me to go plus that was when the real estate was on fire and yes I hunted Turner River , Deep lake on foot , Bear Island, stair steps, loop road cant rely say I miss it got more deer in my back yard then I will ever need. YES I would have to agree with you and ladyblackwater but I still say that the F.W.C. is the ones that close everything and base all there closures on 2 gauge readings on the north side and then they leave certain areas open for the airboat tours. which is BULLSH-T 3B AND PROBABLY THE AREA IN 2A THEY LEFT OPEN I GUARENTEE YOU IS DEEPER THEN 3A SOUTH AND THE RES,: :rebel: :slap: :violent1:
:rebel: So you are trying to tell me that these two areas are not where the airboat tours usually run , like Holiday Park and I am not sure but believe that I have read that you run airboat tours your self I believe and if so these are not the area you run out of either. Sir i have never met you but I know for sure that tours run out of 2a and holiday park runs in both open areas so I would have to call foul or BULL SH-T on that's not the reason these areas are left open :rebel: :scratch: :thumbleft: Why else would they do it they sure don't care about the individual air boaters obviously and the north side readings should have nothing to do with the south side check those gauges to close that areas .I check the gauges yesterday and I was there a week ago for a week and the water was perfect and dropped 1 1/2 inches while I was there gauges were 1.10 and 1.43 above minimum ground level
I have frogged many nights in 3A up in the cypress, The last two years I have not seen a single deer, both when water was high and when it is low.
I think we have some animal rights people in charge and they look for a reason to shut it down. They find deer on the levy at night and decide to shut down the glades. Personally I don't run my boat down the levy. The trees are so tall beside the levy on L 28 you can't see it most of the time. The few deer there are out there and the traffic they see is minimal.
The real problem we have is Everglades National park, They will not let water management release water because of the Cape Sable seaside sparrow, that is now nesting in a area that used to be flooded but is now dry. For years they were screaming to restore water flow and now that we can the Park won't allow the release of the water. So they are willing to drown all animals outside the park to accommodate the sea side sparrow.
Not to mention less people in the glade means less eyes to see a python that might be removed.
:rebel: I am with you GARY we pay these peoples salary so they can keep us off of land that the state owns ,well as far as I am concerned the people are the state so how can they tell us that we cant go on land we bought. :rebel: :scratch: :banghead:
:rebel: Not to mention the Millions or Billions of dollars it has cost us to keep this crap from not happening ,the pump stations ,canals, bridges , spill ways,etc and it still does not work :rebel: :x :x
I think what Scotty is referring to has to do with Tourism dollars! I'm sure whoever makes the decision to close certain areas has a higher up they have to check with and answer to. Close down the tour boats and tourists no longer come and spend money! One thing affects another. The local government probably screams at the state level behind closed doors when their income stream dries up. Easiest way for the majority to swallow government reg is for a noble cause i.e. wildlife conservation! Airboats do a lot less harm then all these high rises and planned communities overtaking Florida. We on the west coast are experiencing a boom that is displacing wildlife on epic proportions. They are forcing the animals out and into one place. If you look at old maps from the 40s the Everglades extended as far up the west coast to Charlotte Harbor and east to Jupiter. Now it's east of Naples and west of Miami. Those animals don't know any better. We have scrub jays here and designated scrub jay lots that are demned unbuildable but the surrounding lots have houses on them. Not sure the scrub jays understand their boundaries. THE PROBLEM IS IMHO IS THERE ARE TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE MOVING TO FLORIDA AND OUR WAY OF LIFE WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER DUE TO THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!
:rebel: lady Blackwater you pay taxes so they are making money,as far as arguing I am not arguing just disagreeing with you.To tell the truth I'm not even agry I have come to expect this.I am just saying it is totally Bull sh t ,we will just have to go to Kissimmee I have access to a camp there also , But it is wrong :rebel:
Scotty1 said:
:rebel: lady Blackwater you pay taxes so they are making money,as far as arguing I am not arguing just disagreeing with you.To tell the truth I'm not even agry I have come to expect this.I am just saying it is totally Bull sh t ,we will just have to go to Kissimmee I have access to a camp there also , But it is wrong :rebel:
And as far as it being 3 feet deep well then they will have no excuse to close it