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3a north closure

Rich Andrews

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This weekend the area known as 3a north is being closed down. Seems a couple of field biologist know how to better run the glades than mother nature. So if they can close the glades for high water, ..low water, what else can they close them for? Maybe for hunting season they can close the glades for animal protection??I think it is total BS especially because this weekend is known as Mayday weekend where people come from all over to run their buggies

They have also asked mother nature not to strike lightening in the area until more rain comes.
FWC bans vehicles and airboats on drought-stricken areas
May 2, 2007
Contact: Dani Moschella, (561) 625-5122

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission issued an order Wednesday restricting vehicle use on Holey Land and Rotenberger wildlife management areas, as well as a portion of the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area.

Motorized vehicles, motorcycles, airboats and all-terrain vehicles are prohibited on the Holey Land and Rotenberger and on Water Conservation Area 3A North in the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area.

The order, which will take effect at 12 a.m. May 4 and will remain in effect until rescinded, was prompted by an inordinately low water level in the areas due to a regional drought. These special regulations are necessary to minimize the likelihood of motorized vehicles or airboats starting fires that will harm wildlife and wildlife habitat.
The first weekend of May in the North end of the Everglades is well-known as drunk fest and I would like to thank DOF who made the call, FWC who took action and responsibility, probably saved someone a lot of money. Folks probably 50 concerned recreational users showed up last night to fight for ORV access in the addition lands there was so many of us there putting comment on comment charts that the antis spent more time on the phone calling for backup we had them out numbered for sure. Our friendly news media could have the perfect headlines for the antis. I don't want to thank which headline they would use the Monday after drunk fest occurred.
But this is the fuel they would use: 100 wheeled buggies showed up to run their vehicles in dry conditions knowing there was a good chance to set this area on fire, I for one have fought for access in areas I never used, this is an area I do use, and if we do not be more responsible I will not even get to the use the areas I love to use.
I can tell you the agencies did not want to close this area they had to close this area. Maybe y'all haven't looked around in your own yard and looked at the stress that is occurring in it.
The resources in this area is occurring the same stress plants and animals think about it. I am all for people using the area with ORV a conservation club that has done a lot in this area stopped a poker run they were holding in this area for concerns for the resource. They are recreational users they made the same call not for BS they seen the big picture. The following Monday the woods were set on fire by a buggy just one, times that by 100 we must protect, and police our own.
bwright: well spoken. i agree everybody can play after some rain. not happy about it ( just bought my first airboat 2 weeks ago) but i agree