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4 Day's and counting


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Ok guys it's about four days till mood and the Airboat princess get hitched
and I was just wondering if anybody has any Idea how many folks are going to show up to this shin dig, besides doing the wedding photo's I thought it would be a great oppertunity to get a lot of great pictures of Airboats and there opperators for the calendar I am puting together for
Southern Airboat.com so does any body have an Idea how many boats are going to be there best I can figure a lot but I was just wondering
Hey we will be there with bells on for sure. We are coming over Friday night and it may be early enough for a night ride. Chris is going to try and get off work early. But we will be there.
I am taking friday off from work and should be up there mid-afternoon. looking forward to seeing old friends and putting faces with some new ones.
just 1 on my boat.
Hey Wingman,

I'd love to make it down there for the big airboat wedding shindig and do a little riding with you guys (and gals). But alas, thanks to Faron, I leave for Tanzania, Africa this Sunday..... (just joking Faron.. :D ) You folks have a GREAT and SAFE time and keep the "hey, hold my beer and watch this" stuff to a minimum... :wink:
Congrats to the lucky couple to be.... May your airboat always have fuel and your trips always be filled with fun and joy.....

Great to hear you'll be there for photo ops :wink:

Ms Wizard and I will be there sometime Friday night. FomeAirboater wuz gonna stay with us but no word there yet...
I would seriously guess from the folks I've spoken to about 20-30 boats miminum.

Hey Mood :idea: Do you think you could get the whole gang stopped long enough for Sniper to take an awesome group pic on Saturday?

Hay wingman make sure you take your camera SOUNDS LIKE A FUN TIME
if you need a body guard or a helper let me know sounds like a great time Airboating in Africa you lucky dog
Wow - You guys all ROCK!!!!!!!!

Sniper - I believe we're expecting about 30 to 40 boats. But some are like ours - NOT very photogenic!!!! I know you'll get some good shots. And I have no problem with taking off for a group shot. Heck, the lake is wide/shalloow enough is you wanted to get 20 boats in formation side by side or something like that I'm sure it could be set up.

Some are boatless but will still be attending - Rick will be there while his boat is in drydock. Faron is between boats too, and last I heard he's going to be there.

We both have several family members attending and if anyone has any health issues or accidents - I think there will be a half dozen hospital nurses there. But the good news is the wedding site is close to the lodge and it'll be easy to cart folks there and back.

Sniper - we've cleaned up under a 200 year old oak tree and it is where the actual ceremony will take place. I hope you have shots for a wedding photo for us. I'm glad it's in your very capable hands!

Brian - You know you are invited - we understand duty calls. We'll be with YOU in spirit. Stay safe.

Randy - Happy Birthday and both Laura and I are so looking forward to seeing you again. Maybe in the future we can take a ride together to celebrate your birthday and our anniversary.

Dakota - Looking forward to hanging with you guys again - Word is that Stan may be bringing the Karaoke machine. We've got a DJ hired for the reception, but after the DJ leaves that karaoke machine may be calling your name.... ( and asking us to leave) :lol: We love you!!!

Basket - I sure hope FoMe makes it. I got to meet him at the reunion - I hope laura gets to meet him too.

SafariRick - We need to be sure to get Laura out on a ride in that awesome riding deepwater Hammant hull!!!

Red Dwarf - Looking forward to you FINALLY meeting my better half too!

only four more days to be nervous!!!! This sure has been a lot of work!!!

it's gonna be a fun one for sure!!! :!:

Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun Water Thunder and I will bothe be there and any time you have a gathering of Airboats it going to be a good time I'm sure I will get some great moments to photograph but mood your boat with that train horn definatly has got to go in the calendar thats a classic I tell all my friends about your boat and that horn I can't wait to hear it.
Sure to be a good time had by all!!!
Looking forward to it - by the way -



Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting some new friends!!!
Sniper - we were out there this morning. I fired up the air compressor and filled the tank up to 100 psi. I let loose a blast of the train horn.

I think every bird with a quarter mile half circle took flight!!!!

I saw some duck hunters out earlier.... so I'm keeping the blasting of the train horn to a mininum. I gotta be nice to them. Besides - I read that article about the whacked out enviro's getting arrested for harrassing hunters - doing basically the same thing.

Although on the way back in, a stubborned flock of ducks insisted on sitting still as the boat came toward them..... until I shot them with all three barrels of the horn. :twisted:

SafariRick - No comment. I'm thrilled that you are bringing that cooker of yours - and thanks for ordering all that chow!!!!

Latest word from Loughman is that they are frowning on folks bringing coolers full of beer onto the property. Before, I thought they just felt that way about hard liquor. I don't want to cause problems. So do things the way you NORMALLY would do them. ;) and we'll all get along fine.

So Does anyone have an empty Seat?

I intended to have my boat there and shuttle people out but it my new boat is not ready yet.
Dakota do you have someone who can take me and Caralyn out?

Could you PM me all the details. Where to meet? What Time?
Good luck to you guys. Separate checking is probably the only reason I've been married for 38 years. I have some other tips to a long marriage but I'll share those later.

I love boating but my wife likes fishing. So, I fish so I can go boating. I only like fishing when I catch more than her. It's been a good life having a wife who loves doing what I love. I hope the same for you guys too.
Des, it doesn't have to be seperate checking. When we were first married we lived off what we both together had.

When there was no money, then we were 'together' broke.
It makes you consider the other person in your life BigTime' when you wanted to buy something.

I've been so poor that I went into a grocery store and took one stick of butter out of package to the cash register ...... and they sold it to me.

Best to both Matt and Laura.
Yall are already blessed ! Good friends Good food Beer !. Good Food !Beer ! More Beer ! Remember no drinking for you matt you got to man up later on ! Dont want to hear that you couldnt stand up for the occuation ! :D Congrats both of yall ! :D