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427 SBC


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Looking at props, building new boat Alumitech 13-6 with dart 427sbc going with 2:38 box, anyone have any recommendations if you have ran soma let to this engine. 550hp 580 tq was looking at 82”jr 3 blade any input is appreciated
I’m running a dart 427 sbc. 560/560. I’m turning a whisper tip 2.0 78” three blade on a 2:1 century turning 5000 rpm’s. What information are you looking for?
Glades should be about 515 (guessing)don’t have the dyno yet.
Coonass, trying to see how much prop I need for this combo. What anyone else is running and how it works for them. Don’t want to over or under prop them things ain’t cheap lol
Im not running a 427 but a 383 with a 2.37 is turning a 80" maximus 5k. The 383 is a MAS performance 500hp. Its by no means snappy but sure goes where ya want like a dozer.
Well like I said. 78” three blade whirlwind whisper tips 2.0. I turn it at 5000rpm’s and I’m right at the 17.5-18 pitch mark. I was running a zz4 before with the same prop. It was on about 13.5-14 pitch mark at 5000rpm’s. My boat is 15 x 7. It will definitely go where my 350 couldn’t. I’m pretty satisfied with the way it’s running. With that size boat and the power that engine makes I think you probably couldn’t go wrong with any prop. Call the dealers and talk to them. They offer good advice. Of course they are trying to sell you their prop but they will still give you good suggestions.
Appreciate it, and that’s why I’m here asking for real experience with it, I’ll be calling and see what they say.
Thanks for the info
I have a 427, but a 2.55 box and different HP.

When I was first starting my build with DB, I was discussing putting the PCM LSA engine on the boat with a 2.38 belt. That engine is rated at 550HP and identical or similar TQ. When I talked with DB and Darrin at Sensenich, the prop recommended for 550-650HP is the 82' JX 3 blade.

Darrin at Sensenich is great. Give him a call. He was always willing to talk props and power plants.
Agree with talking to Darrin on props for a new or unique or even older build. Some have the wrong prop to begin with! Or Outdated prop of 10 years ago tech. Not that props are updated with tech as with phones every year, but never hurts to ask the prop pro's!
Let us know what the suggestion is from Sensenich. I almost think that they may point you to the JX with a 427 on 2.38.

My buddy is building a LS turbo and they put him into a 4 blade JX for it's ability to offer a better ride quality and hold the power up top.
I’ll sure reply with what they come up with, I just want to make sure I get the right one the first time. I am kinda figuring JR or JX
Thanks y’all
I am running a 383 with a stinger 2.38 box turning an 82" Sensenich R series between 5200. The prop is set just past the second mark. I figure you will be pitched at the 3rd mark with the additional HP. I am running a long hub. You may grab more air with a short hub and longer blades. The blades I have are 13" wide. I would ask whatever prop manufacturer you are considering, and go over it with them. Sensenich has always been a great help. :florida: