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454 Issue


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I bought a used Vortec 454 to run temporarily on my boat until my "built" engine is complete. I put an old Weand single plane intake on it with my old Holley 870 street avenger. Also put a new HEI distributor in it. I run a 2.38 Ox and 3 blade 80" S prop. I had it set on 1.5 ish and could turn about 4500 rpm. Didn't seem to have quite enough push so I reset the pitch down to 1 and didn't really gain any rpm on the top end. I'm lost as to why I wouldn't gain any rpm with the pitch change. I have the timing set to 30 degrees at wide open. Any ideas what else to check? I can get by with it as is but I think there is something holding it back that I am missing. Fuel pressure from a Holley Blue pump is between 6 and 7 psi all the time.
I will try to add some timing and see if that helps. I know it is still increasing around 3500 rpm so I might need to get a spring kit for the HEI as well.