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5.3 LS


I wanted someone opinion who has a lot more knowledge on these LS motors than me, I got this 5.3 from a buddy of mine said it ran fine when in truck, pulled valve covers and it had a decent amount of sludge and just all around dirty, pulled heads and found it definitely has some wear and not religious oil changes, my question is there a way I can clean this motor up without removing rockers springs, pistons, cam, crank, ETC, or does it look decent enough to just slap it back together and let her ride another day


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More pictures it wouldn’t let me put in first post


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If I was going to let it ride I'd never of tore it down . Might as well do a cheap rebuild new bearings rings seals oil pump etc... Jmo
I’m like Hill, if the motor is out and heads are off, I can’t keep from doing a rebuild. Whatever you do, don’t rework the heads without rebuilding the block. Looking at pics is not gonna tell anyone much about the condition of the cylinders and bearings. You can certainly clean it all up and give it a go, otherwise it’s gonna be $2K worth of parts and machine shop for a rebuild.