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509 BBC Cam help low power


I have a 509 BBC thats low on power i think, been the same since i have owned it. Its has edelbrock 6045 heads 110cc combustion chamber, 1.7 roller rockers, roller lifters, dont have a clue what cam but sure its factory crate motor one(taking out now), dont know compression ratio maybe around 9.7to1, has 180 psi on compression guage. Max rpm i would like to turn 5300. Anyways iam gonna try a new cam, call comp cams they recommend:

XM270HR grind
Rpm range: 1600 to 5400
Lobe separation 112*
Intake centerline 110*
Duration @ .050 218/224
Lift .510/.510

What i was kinda thinking: not sure of
291THR7 grind
RPM range: 2200 to 5900
Lobe separation 107*
Intake centerline 102*
Duration @ .50 235/249
Lift .557/.543

Any help is greatly appreciated.
The cam they recommended will provide power through the entire rpm range and it should idle very well. The lift is not extreme so in most cases it should not cause interference.

The cam you selected will be choppy and it's power may prove to be peaky rather than broad. It is more a cam for a car show than an airboat application.

The XM270HR is a good choice for an off the shelf selection. XM284HR might also be of interest if you have an engine properly built at run at higher rpm.

Be sure when ordering you select a BBC specific part number

That said regardless of the shaft when installing it be sure that it is properly degreed and not just slapped in. I have seen cams ground significantly retarded and had the builder not spent the time to degree and advance it, the engine would have been a lazy pig.
Ok thanks for the info. I have a feeling that joe blow put this motor together by the looks of the 3 different type bolt heads thats holding the intake manifold on and the cam prolly not advanced correctly.