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66 inch wide by 190 inch wide quochita flatbottom airboat??


I am thinking a 350 v8 long block (not a motorhead) perhaps with a dru but I am not sure if this boat is wide enough to make an airboat???? I need a boat that will stay in water but must carry a load (2 guys) and a large animal (elk sized) back and forth about 10-20 miles round trip. I am wondering if someone has a list of items that this type of project could buy over time to be ready for next year. I have read different topics but they seem to be a bit too technical. I do have access to a motorhead that can help out so the mechanics is covered.
If you are wanting to go to S.Texas to kill Nilgai You really better consider an 18ft boat although I have done it with a 16 many times. You can get in some areas with a stock 350 but it isn't enough motor to get into alot of that terrain down South. You will need a 454 with min. 425h.p, a reduction unit, and a 3 blade composite prop would be first choice. Also make sure you get some good 3/8 polymer for the bottom.
Good Luck,
Faron Floyd
I was thinking about steelflex for polymer but I notice the bottom of the boat has 5 ribs. I noticed one other thread that filled in the gap (not rib) with a foam and then used the steel flex to attain a level surface. I am not sure those 5 ribs will allow me to make an airboat out of this boat???? Also those DRU's are darn expensive. I guess there is no way around that. Any other tips would be appreciated!!