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9hp single seater airboat prototype

Hello everybody, my dad is building a pontoon boat about eight feet long and he's using foam board insulation for the pontoons to keep it light as possible. He's got a older model 9 horsepower two-stroke high performance motor with about a two-foot wooden prop. My brothers and I think he's crazy to think he can run it Upstream in the river with any kind of speed. I'd love to farm your expertise because I don't want to rain on his parade and I don't want him to waste his time either. It will probably weigh all told about 270 with him in it. Thanks in advance fellas.
It is not going to plane with a 9 hp engine

If he spins the prop to fast it will explode

Best case scenario is it pushes him 5-9 mph my opinion

There is a section on "MINI" airboats maybe you can find some additional info in those threads.

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Welcome to SA! :salute:

As swamp stated don't expect to much performance, but hey let pop's have some fun and maybe share some pics along the way.

Grabbed a few examples of some low powered rigs. :thumbleft: