A/C power boats...

Mine is a 0540 - 260 hp by Schmidt Aviation
On a 13' 6" Cotton Mouth running area 2-A
One day it is going to turn into a Hamant Hull

Crabtrap62 said:
I just had Tom Jeffords rebuild my spare PE-90 engine , and its on the truck heading back to Houston, it is going to be a good engine for a 1 or 2 seater boat if anybody might be interested.

Luke , come to the dark side...

A rigged out boat, engine, and all weighs less than the usual car motor boat....
I sent you a PM
Well after destroying small block Chevy's I went Vo 540 original tag 315 hp @ 3200 trim ma5s, 7 something to one compression, now 10 to 1 with one ma6.
swamp I am out in the marsh nearly every weekend. I have a camp off the main river. we should get together sometime
Ya man I’m right before jack pass the 3 palm trees I have my engine apart right now doing a total rebuild she was tired should have it back together in about two weeks
Jasper tx. I got my rig right and tight and dependable to run. 0540 av on a 14ft lazer. Swinging a 2blade 72" prop. Runs dry with three and cruises 50mph.
A/c for ever, TIO 541 380 hp , 18'' Combee, fuel burn 3 gals. @ cruse, something ungodly WFO, 1 quart every 100 hrs oil burn. Only killed 1 engine in 20 yrs. and it was my fault but have towed a bunch of broken autos in
Seadrift I am curious as to how your getting 380hp from a 310 hp engine? Do you have problems with hot starts?

The TIO-541 family of engines covers a range from 310 hp (231 kW) to 450 hp (336 kW). The engine has a fuel injection system which meters fuel in proportion to the induction airflow. The engine has a displacement of 541.5 cubic inches (8.87 litres) and produces a maximum of 450 hp (336 kW) in its TIGO-541 version.